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Quakes deranging aquifers, for better or worse...

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  • Quakes deranging aquifers, for better or worse...

    Okay, you expect that a 'significant' quake, more than a mere 'temblor', is so going to rattle the strata your 'Plan_B' well taps.

    If it doesn't collapse casing, you'd expect some silts, clouding etc but, generally, business as usual...

    ( Bubble-stream to purge volatiles etc etc, stand to settle...)

    Linked report suggests more complexity.

    Citation: Morton, M. C. (2019), Earthquakes shake up groundwater systems, Eos, 100, Published on 13 August 2019.

    As I understand it, the quake's shaking may enhance flow through aquifer(s), but may also 'frack' impermeable layers above and/or below aquifer(s).

    IMHO, one potential effect is your aquifer may suffer local draw-down or contamination from other layers. Worst case is it mostly drains or is salinated / fouled beyond use...

    Will it 'heal' with time ? Probably, as that quake was surely not the first that size on on that fault...
    But, months, years, decades ? And how old is your aquifer's ground water ??

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    After last years quake in Alaska, my well water was cloudy and silty for several months. I still get periods where the water is occasionally silty now 9 months later. Earthquakes can certainly cause big issues with aquifers.