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Access to purified water will become a huge problem for many.

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  • Snyper708
    Originally posted by Sourdough View Post
    I find that living where there is pure drinking water abundant and everywhere, to be the best solution.
    Where would that be?

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  • dalewick
    I'm not sure but I'm assuming that this is primarily being able to purify water at your bug out site/home. I've always held the belief that I should never rely on anything I can't produce for myself. To that end I have a 3 bucket (gravel, sand, charcoal) filtration system for our rainwater cistern. I also have a supply of bleach (about 10 years worth for water purification) for back up and a UV light system (solar run) for my primary system. I always have other backup systems in case we have to go but I consider those as short term and non replaceable in TEOTWAWKI events.


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    Almost everyone understands the need to kill virus and bacteria. It is as simple as boiling for 5 minutes.

    But the real problem is chemicals in the water. heavy metals can remain for years! You do not want to drink, eat, or bath in lead or worst mercury!!!!

    SO the filters you purchase must must remove all chemicals!!!!! NO boiling will not remove chemicals.

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  • GrizzlyetteAdams
    In case of nuclear contamination of sources of drinking water, I am considering this type of filter:

    (I like this one for portability:

    Test results:

    Some helpful tips for storage and optimum shelf life:

    When do I need to replace the Black Berkey filter elements in my system?

    Use one of the 2 methods below:

    Preferred Method
    1. Take the number of Black Berkey filtering elements in your system and multiply it by 3,000. This number will be the (Total Life) in gallons.
    2. Estimate the average amount of water you filter through your Berkey per day. This number will be the (Total Use) in gallons.
    3. Then simply divide the (Total Life) by the (Total Use). This number represents how many days your filter will effectively treat your water before needing to replace them.
    4. As a reminder, with a permanent marker write the date that you calculated the need for Berkey replacement filters on the bottom of your unit.

    Example: If you have a two filter Big Berkey and your used 4 gallons of water per day. You would multiply 2 (#of filters) by 3000 = 6000 (Total Life), then divide 6000 by 4 (total use) = 1500 days the filters will last, That's a little over four years!
    The Black Berkey filters in your unit will never stop working. The rate that the filters produce water will slow down. This is an indication that the filter needs to be cleaned. This brings us to the second method. If after cleaning your elements they do not filter any faster; it is time to replace them.

    Black Berkey®

    "...In a crisis scenario, such as an accidental or weaponized nuclear incident, it is important to have a survival water filter truly capable of removing or greatly reducing radiological contaminants at the ready.

    In such cases, the primary objective for those in a contaminated hot zone would be to get to a non-contaminated zone as quickly as possible. Therefore, you would want to choose a solution that fits the following requirements:
    • Extreme tested to demonstrate effectiveness
    • Portable, so it can easily travel with you and your family
    • No electricity or water pressure required to operate the filter
    • Capable of producing sufficient water for your group in a timely manner

    As we will discuss, Berkey ® Systems using Black Berkey® Purification Elements are the ideal choice for everyone considering a gravity-fed, survival water filter.

    For those who are unfortunate enough to be caught in a radiological contamination zone, it is recommended that the Black Berkey ® Purification Elements be replaced as soon as is feasible post-evacuation. This is because the more radiological contaminants the elements remove, the more radioactive the elements themselves become. Consider having backup sets of Black Berkey®Purification Elements in your emergency kits or bags at all times to make the switch quickly.

    Some filter elements may show strong results in a test using one water sample. In contrast, NMCL believes that it is vitally important that the reduction capability of our Black Berkey ® Purification Elements be tested over time. Therefore, Berkey® Systems conducted the radiological contaminant reduction testing of the Black Berkey® Purification Elements to 50 gallons; an extreme situation and test.

    Our approach provides information on the rate of decline in efficiency, and verifies that the rate of decline is not significant. For example, in our Gross Alpha Reduction Test, the efficiency reduces from 99.2% to 98.7% after 50 gallons. This represents a reduction in efficiency of only 0.5% (1/2 of 1%) after 50 gallons, which likely indicates that at the end of the 3,000 gallon life of the element, the reduction level should still be around 70%. Also, take a look at our Gross Beta Reduction Test and Uranium Reduction Test, both of which similarly demonstrate the reduction capabilities of the Black Berkey® Purification Elements over time.

    Your best protection against radiologicals in water is to have a water purification system that has been rigorously tested to remove radionuclides to below detectable levels. In a crisis situation, Berkey ® Water Purification Systems are portable, travel easily, and function without electricity or water pressure, making them the ultimate survival tool.
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  • Sourdough
    I find that living where there is pure drinking water abundant and everywhere, to be the best solution.

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  • CountryGuy
    That Mini will let you drink out of Questionable water. Now would i try it with a bucket of raw sewage or a puddle with a qt of motor oil floating on it... no but I've used one of these for a few years and works great. Biggest thing in the winter put it in a ziploc and keep it inside an inside jacket pocket to keep it from freezing.

    If you're looking for larger volumes of water the Berky water purifier can't be beat.

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  • Access to purified water will become a huge problem for many.

    Access to purified water will become a huge problem for many.
    Note: I am not a water filtration expert.

    I use the following as described on
    Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

    I bought it at Walmart and use it for filtering water from usual water sources like water fountains, municipal water. I highly recommend it for this.

    For more questionable sources of water, I would first want the water filtered or purified in some other way, before using the Sawyer Mini.