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Access to purified water will become a huge problem for many.

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    Glad you enjoyed my turn of phrase. I really enjoy your song idea. Cool. Go with it!


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      Great song idea. I have had a berky for over 10 years. One of the things they tell you is to use red food coloring. If the filters are still good it will filter out all the red die. But what was said about about calulating how many times you have used it is still best. I think Morgan was right on that. I now have about 10 or 12 filters as I was buying them every time they went on sale over a 10 year period. I used one set to try out the water and it was great. I have since used up that first set but decided to save the rest for the hard times.


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        "I've a bunker for my Berkey and soon to have one for me
        In case of radiation, don't you see.
        I've a bunker for my Berkey, won't you come live with me?"

        Great love song for the radioactive apocalypse!