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Multi-year soot contamination of water courses after big wild-fires.

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  • Multi-year soot contamination of water courses after big wild-fires.

    During the record-breaking 2018 fire season, the typically clear waters of Cameron Falls in Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta flowed black. But it had nothing to do with the extensive fires that torched much of British Columbia and a small part of Waterton.
    The carbon came from the remnants of another wildfire that had raced 26 kilometres —from one end of the park to the other —in less than eight hours the year before. Heavy rain from a violent thunderstorm in July 2018 flushed the ash, soot and blackened debris that lay on the forest floor into the Cameron River.

    There is much, much more, including a very unsettling report of river in Alberta where water quality has still not fully recovered after a dozen years...

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    Do the authorities offer any information on when they think it will recover? I know absolutely nothing about it, but 12 years seems like a long time for a river to be contaminated from natural causes.

    Does anybody know if we have ever had that problem here? Maybe Myakka would know if he is still around. Buggy, are you out there?

    I agree Nik. It is a very unsettling report.
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      The soot is the first building block to restart the forest growth!