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Storage of Calcium Hypochlorite

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  • Storage of Calcium Hypochlorite

    Well folks, I've been prepping for a bit over a year now and have almost reached all my goals.

    One of the prepping items I've been having problems with is the storage of the pool shock.. its Calcium Hypochlorite or known as HTH Pool Shock. This is good stuff as a 1lb bag can kill all the living organisms in almost 10,000 gallons of water..

    The problem with it is that its a pain in the rear end to store. It tends to react with everything and start out gassing.. People have tried putting it in buckets, bags, chemical jars, etc and nothing seems to work for very long.

    I tried vacuum packing it using two layers of food saver bags and then put the food saver bags into a mylar bag and vacuum packed that too.. Within a month I noticed the mylar starting to balloon out as if it broke its seal and air got in.. But nope, it was just the HTH out gassing.

    I finally figured it out after some experimentation. I put each 1lb bag of HTH into a standard quart ball canning jar, put the lid on, pull a heavy vacuum on it with my rotary vane vacuum pump (29,9 inches), and then screw the retaining ring on when finished.

    Its been a month and the jars are still under vacuum.. no out gassing at all. It would seem that any oxygen or moisture at all causes a chain reaction.. but pulling a heavy vacuum solves that.

    I have 6lbs of the stuff to purify rain water or any other ground water source if needed.