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  • Pork Jerky ???

    I have always made venison or beef jerky, either in an oven or dehydrator, not having a smoker, and get the smokey taste from a few drops of liquid smoke. Now as beef prices rise and pork is cheaper, relative to beef, I been wondering about pork jerky. Has any one made pork jerky? Any special directions? or cautions? or seasonings?

    I would use the lean muscles,like the loin, the whole loin, not just the tender loin, that have very little fat and remove as much fat and silver skin as possible from the muscle. I'm almost out and it will be a while before I have access to venison or beef to use. Pork, I can afford to buy at the store sometimes.

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    Gran, I would get a better opinion than mine, but I thought you couldn't make jerky with pork. I tried bear meat years ago and it was very lean but still went rancid. If your successful, please post it and your recipe if you will. Thanks.

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      I'm with Dale, I thought pork was a no-no for jerky due to the trichinosis. The only commercial pork based jerky I know of seeing is the bacon jerky and I think that is because it's first cooked/ cured prior to dehydrating. If you've ever had it you know it's also a lot more moist than beef or venison jerky. Might be why all the old books and stories talked about salt pork?

      I just hit Google and found this so looks like I'm wrong. I'd do a little more research though.

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        I have googled pork jerky like Country Guy and found the same recipe. However the others I have found require cooking the jerky at as much as 450 degrees for 15 minutes before reducing heat to 200 and drying. That is why I posted this thread. Salt pork I know and love for certain things but jerky done in the traditional way of red meat I am not sure of. I welcome more input from all before I try anything that does not require refrigeration for three months before it goes bad (rancid).


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          How much is pork bellies where you live. Cure it, and smoke it, for real fresh BACON!!!!!! Yes you can make pork jerky. Down south they like it a little hot using some red pepper as part of the rub.


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            Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
            How much is pork bellies where you live. Cure it, and smoke it, for real fresh BACON!!!!!! Yes you can make pork jerky. Down south they like it a little hot using some red pepper as part of the rub.
            Would you by any chance a recipe for pork jerky? A little hot is fine with me. I often add a touch of red pepper myself.


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              Well, ask and you will receive. My brother had a beef slaughtered and asked me to make jerky for him on the halves. So Am in the process of turning 40 lbs of hindquarter into that blessed commodity. Still will try some pork jerky as soon as possible. will have to make a spice run this next week to ensure I have enough, pulling from my preps to do this. Good rotation!


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                Well i would think pork Jerky would be Ham or bacon ?
                that said we used to make pork sausages and smoke them to preserver them ; )


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                  Well, pork loin wen to sale so I bought an extra one to try making pork jerky. Sliced it as thin as possible by hand, 1/4 inch or a little less, put it between 2 of those dollar store plastic cutting mats and used my flattening hammer to even it out to about 1/8 inch. (we like our jerky thin and crispy) made a small batch of teriyaki and a small batch of basic recipe with extra salt and pepper like one of our favorites of beef. Impressed at how good they both turned out. The texture is closer to beef than I thought it would be and it sure beats turkey jerky or those ground beef jerky sticks some people make. Only thing I would do different would be add a bit more smoke to the salt and pepper recipe . I will be making more for sure!