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What to do when your jelly/jam does not set

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  • What to do when your jelly/jam does not set

    I made some apple-jalapeno jelly and it did not set. I found a fix for that! You remake it using the simple directions at this site!
    It is simple and it worked for me.

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    Thanks for the info ZAGran.. Now I will know what to do when that happens to me again.


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      Here is another site that helps as well


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        Made my second batch of apple-jalapeno jelly. Followed directions sooooo very carefully. Precise measurements, full rolling boil, timing with a timer and not glancing at my kitchen clock. It didn't set either! So I guess I will do the fix again tomorrow after I get some more lids. If that does not work I have 8 pints of apple-jalapeno syrup. You know that sounds pretty good on bacon pancakes. Or with bacon and biscuits.
        Going with Low or/no Sugar sure jell from now on. I'm not happy at all with the Ball product!


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          I tried every thing I could find and the only thing that worked for me was just redo as if it was a new batch. It's tricky.


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            Well, I called my aunt who has made thousands of jars of jams and jellies. She said give it a week before I try the do over. Pepper jelly can take that long to set. So I will wait and see what happens.