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    Buggy: Here is one for your wild edibles library. There is an entire series of them:
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      Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
      I build up my own MRE's if you will, They include per day:

      (1) Multi vitamin
      (2) Roman noodles pack
      (1) Complete meal (various meals cost is $1.72 at Wal Mart)
      (1) Oatmeal package
      (1) Hot chocolate mix
      (1) Instant coffee
      (1) Tea bag

      Condiments include packages of

      hot sauce

      This all fits in a one gallon zip lock bag (Use to carry water after food is gone. Weight is less then 8 oz.. Total calories varies between 1400-2300 per day.
      Rich, what is the complete meal from Walmart you mention?


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        I believe I know which ones he is talking about! He can correct me if I'm wrong:

        They are made from Hormel and come in little trays.

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          I have a box of MRE"S that are now about 6 months out of date. Don't know rather to pitch them in trash or if they are still good. I am not going to buy anymore as they are for only 5 years and I to would rather make up my own MRE"S as I really think it would be best way to go.. I would have to check the salt content on the Hormel trays. Hormel seems to put way to much salt and hubby can''t have all that salt. he is restricted.


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            I've hiked and used the Hormel meals in my RV, they are thin and you can stack a bunch up in your bag. They come about 200 Cal per serving (1 Container) AND... they come in Dinty Stew flavor! (My favorite!)

            It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value.
            -Arthur C. Clarke