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Buy food storage in person (nc)?

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  • Buy food storage in person (nc)?

    Does anyone know where someone could buy some long term storable food in person in the NC area or closest to it?
    Freeze dried or the like.
    Everything I find is over the internet (no thanks) or on the other side of the US or they are Internet only.

    Any info is helpful. Thanks

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    All three Gander Mtn (including #10 cans) stores in NC and the Bass Pro; our local Dicks even has some. There is a Gander in Greensboro, Mooresville, and Fayetteville.

    Good Luck,


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      Survival and Emergency Preparedness supplies for homesteading

      In Tellico Plains Tn.
      If you are in Western North Carolina it is in driveable distance.



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        The freeze drys are good, but pricy. Moblie food is a must have. But it is just that, I don't think I want to ever eat another Cinamon roll as long as I live. C-rations (smile) MRE's kinda suck but you can live on them. And they are a must have too.
        I am just getting into the "long term storage' perhaps, but before I start surfing and buying and falling feed to those of our "like minds" who have product to sell us. I went to the market.
        Not a Food lion, or other package Grocery store. I went to a place that normaly I would not travel to because of the higher cost. The kind of place that has the big baskets of beans with a scoup thingy. Grains in a hopper that you serve up yourself with Millet, Buckwheat ond other raw grains. I started up a conversation with the gal and said I had a project going on. "Can I get a break in the price if I buy alot?".
        No problemo! Just let me know what you need a few weeks ahead of time.
        On another note, if we can get a few people together in volume to buy the buckets, the mylar and the Oxygen tabs and stuff, I am sure that we can come out ahead. Personaly, I am not a big, big fan of the 5 gallon bucket. It does have its place. But I like the 3 gallon bucket for many things to control quanity and amounts. Plus throwing around a 5 gallon bucket of wheat in a 30 minute "get out" scheme would slow me down. I like the smaller buckets. Perhaps we could link up a few of us and do something together. Just a thought. But do try doing what I did. Hit one of those earthy style places and see if you get the warm response that I did. PF
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          Thanks for the responses. I have bought some food at a local store and they do give me a little discount for buying by the case but this isnt food that stays good for long.

          i will check out gander mtn and the other place in TN to see if it is worth the drive. How are the prices in Gander Mountain?
          Does Bass Pro have #10 cans?
          Oh for 5 gal buckets just go to walmart, the ones they have are food safe. also if you have a tractor supply store they also have 5 gal buckets that are food safe.

          The company who makes them is listed on the bottom and i called and they are both food safe.
          The only issue i cant find a local source for lids that have gaskets at all or even the gamma lids so if anyone knows just post. Thanks
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            Originally posted by Long_Hunter View Post
            All three Gander Mtn (including #10 cans) stores in NC and the Bass Pro; our local Dicks even has some. There is a Gander in Greensboro, Mooresville, and Fayetteville.

            Good Luck,
            So far both websites (just to check) dont have any #10 cans but i may call but sometimes people in these stores really dont know what I am talking about...

            Update called and GM has only 1 kind of #10 cans and only a few and cannot special order them so if anyone has
            any other places let me know (the place in TN is too far). Thanks (cant believe it is this hard to buy this stuff in person)
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