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my compost bin

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  • my compost bin

    I asked hubby to set up a little section in the yard for me for my compost-pile-to-be. This is what he put together for me:

    I must have the fanciest compost bin around! It's about 30" high, 30" around. I think I'm going to put it right in the middle of the garden (once we move fences and till the area), so it can not only be easier to toss composted soil into the garden, but it's a pretty focal point too.

    Once we get the garden area set and the compost bin moved, I'll fill it with the leaves I still have blowing in my yard from last fall, seaweed, etc.
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    very cool ! sure is purdy...I'll takr a pic of minr when I can see it again!


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      Nice bin... I have a Mantis dual bin rolling one (aka I am lazy the only time I use a pitchfork is to run off elected officals ;) )... right now got too much BROWN matter in it... need some GREEN to make it BURN...

      When the chickens get here next month... I will have some awesome compost :D


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        Very nice, think i'll start something similar to this.
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          Can't wait to see the chicken coop he builds. Vert nice job.


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            Man Oh Man that sure is lovely! My compost bin is a wire fence put in a circle with a green tarp over the top hidden behind the shed. LOL It sure aint nothin' to look at. Not like yourin!!!!!
            Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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              That's really pretty! I just built a rotating compost tumbler using a black trash can with a thick dowel piercing through the middle, set on a couple sawhorses. Hey, it cost me $15, the price of the can! LOL But now way could I put it out front as a focal object like yours. Definitely the fanciest composters I've ever seen! :)
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                thanks. Sometimes this man really earns his keep! ;)

                I just figured he'd put up some wire-fenced area, that's all I was asking for, but he was feeling creative. And the best thing, it only cost about $15 for the screening (and there's plenty left over), everything else we had- the wood (gotten it free), the thompson's wood sealer (free), extra rope from the boat (free), and he's got all the tools.
                "Be Excellent to Each Other"