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    Today we finally were able to plant the onions, potatoes, tomato plants, spinach, turnip greens, bell peppers and lettuce. Tomorrow, before the rain starts, we plan to finish out 2 more rows of tomato plants.

    How is everyone else's garden coming along, well, those who are able to plant at the moment.

    I am very proud of the new strawberry patch we started. The plants already have runners attached and starting new plants. Each plant has about 3 strawberries on it right now.


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      Garden Picture

      Here is a picture of our garden that shows our irrigation system header with drip hoses attached. We are able to feed water from our 6 rain barrels with pump or city water yard supply. We have tomatoes, cabbage, onions, potatoes, carrots, corn and green beans in the ground. Teach is my better half. Garden needs tilling and hoeing, pictures taking after 1.5 inches of hard rain. More pictures to come later.

      Mike & Teach
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        W4OCO, nice garden! Thanks for sharing the pics and I look forward to seeing more! I will try to remember to take my camera the next time we work in our garden and post some pics.


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          Wonderful garden space! So neat and well organized. Mine is in no shape for pictures right now, but hopefully next week will give me some warmer weather so I can whip it into shape.


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            excellent looking garden Mike & Teach!
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