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  • MRE and canned foods

    Hey all, new guy here with a question. I have a few cases of MREs that were manufactured June 2006. If stored properly in a cool dry location, how long should they last, 5-10 years?

    As for the canned foods question, I have a couple of cases of Van Camps Baked Beans that I bought in 2007. I had forgotten that I had them and noticed that it expired in January 2009. Is the expiration date on canned foods a way for the manufacturer to avoid liability? I would think that the product (what ever it may be) would still be safe to eat.


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    If you can keep the MREs in a good cool climate (<50 degrees Fahrenheit), you should be able to get about 15 years out of them, according to what I have heard.

    If you want to know what it's like to eat a 10-year-old MRE that's been in all kinds of storage conditions, check out my recent thread on this forum.


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      I use a rotation system for my food stockpile. I would put those beans in and eat them first...maybe plan a big "beanies and wienies" gat together or something. lol Then keep all foods in a rotation.
      The MRE's are something that is not an every day item, and they should be good for a few more years at least. Mine are about 7 years old, and I'm thinking of breaking into them soon and replacing them afterwards.


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        We are pretty good about rotating food and water, but these particular two cases of canned food (baked beans) were completely overlooked. And speaking of beinie wienies, that will be lunch today LOL.

        Methusaleh, I read your adventure with the decade old MRE, WOW. I actually remembe when Tuna and Noodles was one of my favorites. It's good to know that it was still safe to eat.

        Thank's guy's for your reply and input.