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  • fertilizer

    For my garden, I decided I am not adding any chemical treatments, nor am I adding any sort of commercial fertilizer or additive. I am going to rely on my own dirt, and compost, compost, compost.

    Then I came across this discussion elsewhere, on using Sea weed as a fertilizer. Hey, I live on an Island! Free fertilizer! I just hope our polluted waters won't have a bad effect on the seaweed (though, with the incredibly ridiculous gas prices last summer, there weren't so many recreational boaters. Our Bay was so clean and clear, and I noticed the same at the ocean beaches)
    "Be Excellent to Each Other"

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    I don't use any chemicals on my garden and I would LOVE to have access to seaweed! It will make a wonderful addition to your compost (just mix it in) or to make a compost tea (add the seaweed and a scoop of compost to a water barrel and let steep, then use to water plants), or even in the bottom of a furrow seaweed can be put in and scoop dirt over it and plant. Some people also use seaweed as a nutrient rich mulch, but the smell puts me off!

    I would rather get my seaweed from some benign place where there is no polution, but hey, you can't have much of that now a days!;) Just use it and enjoy the fact that your garden will grow fantastically!:D


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      why not buy a few rabbits, they're cheap and produce a lot of good poo!


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        I was actually thinking chickens too.....
        "Be Excellent to Each Other"


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          If you use a "chicken tractor" you can have them ove the garden area, they will fertilize the area and turn it in for you. With both chickens and rabbits you have fertilizer and food! A rabbit can produce 1000% of its own body weight a year.