Just curious to see where this rates in amongst your preparation plans:

This is mainly a southern problem, although it does get warm in the northern states.

How do you plan on cooking food when our southern temperatures are over 70-80 degrees for about eight months of the year? Back in the day, they had outside kitchens or stoves set up. Sure, you probably have a gas grill. But propane is more expensive than wood, and harder to store. Plus, very few people will steal your wood in the summertime. (that leads to another question, can you hide your wood stash for wintertime wood stoves?) Wood can also be gathered in the woods for free, with permission from adjacent landowners.

I'm doing some reasearch into efficient adobe ovens, that will heat up without using as much wood as say a wood cookstove. It has a flat surface on top for stovetop cooking as well as the oven for baking and for casseroles. (very good way to use stored canned goods).

I've also used a solar oven before, and love it. It doesnt produce th radiant head that a woodstove or cookstove does.

I'll probalby post something on both of these in the 'gear' section soon.