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Anybody set up for outdoor cooking?

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    20 or so years ago when I had camp shack off the grid on a lease, went through various and sundry garage sale charcoal grills. Flat top wood heater for coffee, bacon and eggs and toast. Favorite grill for steak and taters was 3 concrete scalloped flower bed edging blocks. You know, the ones about 30 inches long, 2" thick and about 6" tall with 4 humps on one edge. Two whole, one broke in half. Set two long pieces parallel, close both ends with short ones. Every camp maintains a campfire. Double wrap potatoes and onions in foil. First layer gets rid of ash when opening. Lay them on ground, shovel red coals from heart of fire on top of them to cover. Wait about 1/2 beer and lay old oven rack or other grate across top of blocks. Grill steaks, remove grate and dig in coals and retrieve potatoes and onions. ( leather gloves and quickness essential). Under the stars, you have a meal to rival any 5 star restaurant. Put blocks and grate back under porch and shovel coals and ash back into fire. No muss, fuss or bother. That or any facsimile there-of will work for pan cooking adjacent to main fire without the hassle of tripods, racks, or having to be in immediate proximity of main fire other than an occasional shove handle length away.
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