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Canning supplies

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  • Canning supplies

    anyone have a good source of online canning supplies- jars, lids, etc. No one local carries anything, and I'm looking for quality, but cheap!
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    Do you have a Big Lots or Ace/True Value Hardware? I think you can order on-line from Ace. Also check yard sales and then just buy new lids.


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      Brosia, I found some jars at our local Ace hardware. They were the only ones right now that had them. Found a presto 23 qt pressure canner on Amazon for $71.00


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        thanks, I'll try Ace. I didn't think of them.
        Got the canner covered, but I need jars, and it seems that shipping them is expensive, and risky! Too much breakage.
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          try going to goodwill store or 2nd hand thrift stores for jars, we get our lids and rings at the amish stores


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            Agway always has canning stuff, as does Ace & Tru Value Hardware, usually closer to the time though. My local Stop & Shop supermarket had one end cap of it, but my real find is Wal Mart. Good prices and a full stock in season, and still plenty now. There are on line places, and I turn to them when I can't get exactly what I want, but for the most part I stick to the places mentioned above. There is a place in PA that you can by pallets of jars from, and if I end up selling my jam, I will be heading out to get one as the price difference is worth the trip. You can order jars from Agway to, and usually they will give you a difference if you are ordering enough.


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              Scored at Ace hardware! Walmart didn't have anything, nor Kmart or Target or Stop N Shop or any of the discount stores.
              Since money is always an issue, I did what I can and picked up 2 cases of quart size, 1 case of pint size, extra bands, lots of extra lids. I figure if I do that once a month for the next 2 or 3 months, I will have a very large supply ready for use for my garden harvest.
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                Hi Folks...FYI..a great place for all information you could ever need about canning and other ways to preserve foods go to and click on the Jackie Clay link. She is amazing!!!


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                  Hi Brosia,
                  We have a chain discount store around here called "Big Lots" Ive seen canning jars there I thought looked fairly inexpensive, Picked up a case of ot size for culturing yeast for beer brewing:D.


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                    my big Lots didn't have any.

                    I LOVE Jackie clay! actually, I like that whole site.
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