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Making Powdered Milk Taste Better

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  • Making Powdered Milk Taste Better

    Let's face it, powdered milk tastes horrible! I took this from the Hillbilly Housewife and plan to try it soon. It sounds like it will improve the taste of powdered milk.

    With the price of milk soaring through the roof lots of folks are reconsidering powdered milk for it’s economy. The dairy price hike hasn’t affected dry milk much yet, making it the best dairy bargain currently available. Through an informal investigation I’ve discovered that fresh milk costs between $3.50 and $4.50 a gallon in most […]

    Sweet Vanilla Milk: Run a little hot water into a 2-quart pitcher. Add 1/4-cup each powdered coffee creamer and sugar. Stir well to dissolve. Add 1/2-teaspoon vanilla. Fill the pitcher half full with cold tap water. Add 2-2/3 cups of instant nonfat dry milk powder. Stir well. Fill the pitcher the rest of the way full. Stir again. Chill and serve.

    This milk is more palatable to some folks than straight reconstituted milk. The powdered coffee creamer gives the milk a rich fullness, while the sugar and vanilla make it taste sweet and almost dessert-like. If you must switch to powdered milk, and are having trouble with the flavor, this recipe can make the transition easier.

    For a gallon of milk use: 1/2-cup each powdered coffee cream & sugar and 1-teaspoon of vanilla flavoring. Add a dash of salt too if desired. Be sure to dissolve the creamer and sugar in hot tap water first. They do not dissolve readily in cold water.

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    I used to get away with adding it to whole milk to stratch my one noticed if I kept the mix under half. We don't use a lot of milk at our house, so I use dry milk in recipes and baking, where no one can tell the difference.
    Nice tip, thanks!


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      We don't drink powdered milk either, but it's ok if you use it in real mac n cheese (the baked kind), puddings, breads, cream sauces and regular baking. When I was a dietitian we were taught to add powdered to whole milk to make 'supermilk' for people who needed more calories and protein but had low appetites (like toddlers and sick patients). Now if we're going to drink it, I turn it into hot chocolate or chocolate milk. YUM!
      Harm none, and do what you will.