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Peanut Butter

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  • Peanut Butter

    I have thought about stocking up on peanut butter as emergency food. Filling, nutritious, no heat or prep required, fairly long shelf life.
    Now, of course, there is all of the information about peanut contamination. I just read where a peanut plant in Texas has been shut down as well.
    Two things:
    First, what do you think about peanut butter as a survival food (not by itself, of course, but as part of the supplies)?
    Second, when will you trust the peanut supply again enough to buy peanut butter or peanut products?

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    I hadn't heard about the Texas plant. Dang, I really like peanut butter.

    If you haven't realized the scope of these recalls, here's a link to the FDA website:

    there's ice cream, crackers, brownie mix, dog food.... the list goes on and on
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      Good link. Yep, the same company, Plainview Texas plant. I also just saw on the web where that company has filed for bankruptcy.


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        It actually has a very good shelf life, I think the BB date is either 2 or 3 yrs.
        out from DOM.
        I ate some a month or so ago that was 2 years past the BB date, so that means it was either 4 or 5yrs old... it tasted fine, actually I couldn't tell the difference at all from brand new stuff... minus the salmonella, of course ;)


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          Ive been eating a PBJ sandwich everyday before going to work for years.
          Point being; no sign of "taste fatigue" yet so it makes sense to store alot of it.
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            Here is a link to powdered peanutbutter I ordered some and its passable.


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              Personally I have some dehydrated peanut powder as one of my staples. Its nutritional profile is good, taste is good, and you can add it to other things to make them more palatable. Believe I got my last cans from Emergency Essentials.


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                Fellow Survivalists,

                Smucker's All-Natural Peanut Butter never was affected by the contamination and also has no hydrogenated oils. The peanut oil rises to the top, so you have to stir it before using, but it tastes super!

                The only downside to Smucker's is that it does require refrigeration once opened, but that could be arranged without power via a cooler or root cellar.

                You can also cool with a terra cotta pot inside a larger terra cotta pot with a layer of sand in between and a wick to gather moisture from the inside and outside to keep the sand moist. Anything inside of this set-up will remain cool.

                Ammonium Nitrate from fertilizer and water used with metal pans was used to freeze water to ice on the TV show Jericho, so it could also be applied to an old-timey ice-box if you're careful. The chemical guide I read suggests 2 quarts of water to 4 lbs of the fertilizer.

                Oh, I forgot...You could just use self-cooling ice packs from first-aid kits to create a chill for refrigerated items.
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                  Wow, I've never thought of the terra cotta planter trick, that's just ingenius! Thanks!!!

                  When I was in the Infantry, we used to make hootches using two ponchos in hot weather, with one poncho being about a foot above the other. A wise man once pointed to the space between them, and said to me, "do you know what we call that space?" I said no, I don't. He replied, "that space and the cooling it offers, is your life insurance in this climate." Ever since then I have tried to remain open to similar designs for cooling.