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Video of my seedlings

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  • Video of my seedlings

    I am going to start dcoumenting some of my projects and put my seedlings up first if anyone wants to check them out.
    Our 2009 garden, plants are about 2 weeks to 1 month old.
    Watch this!!

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    how do you do laundry? you've got seedlings everywhere!

    great job!
    "Be Excellent to Each Other"


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      Nice set up.


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        That is nighttime mode, during the day they go outside or in the kitchen depending on the weather. We have had some bad weather lately and this project got way bigger that we anticipated because as soon as we posted that we had seedlings for sell we recieved some good pre-orders. I have a meeting with a community garden that wants us to provide them with a bit of stuff. The green house will be done next week, and then I am contimplating building a big PVC hoop house for next year, I am running out of room you will see on the next video.

        Watch this!!