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What and how to store?

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  • What and how to store?

    Snal asked this in another thread (and answered himself :p), the questions are worthy of their own thread, so let's get some answers going!

    Do we have a detailed list of the best dry foods (rice, wheat, beans, powdered products such as mashed potatoes, flour, corn meal, ect) to stockpile, and how to store them?
    I've acquired some buckets and lids for storing vacuum sealed, meal sized portions of whatever.
    My plan is to vacuum seal the bags, date them, freeze them overnight (to kill any bugs), then place them in the bucket
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    Thanks Brosia!
    Hopefully folks will add to the list, and correct my long term storage idea if need be.

    My lack of patience typically causes me to answer my own questions, but my answers are only correct 60% of the time. Why do you think that is?...oh!'s because of my lack of patience!
    (there I go again!):)