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  • Candy

    I hadn't seen this before, and I love it! Especially those with kids, this would be a great prep for keeping up morale.

    Just open and eat! Each case comes with one can of the following brand name treats;

    Milk Chocolate Covered Mini-Caramels, 10.55 oz
    Mixed Mini Gummy® Bears, 11.15 oz
    Milk Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels, 5.05 oz
    Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts, 9.65 oz
    Dark Chocolate Mini-Mints, 10.35 oz
    Deluxe Assortment of Hard Candies, 7.15 oz
    Dubble Bubble® Mini Bubble Gum Balls, 9.35 oz
    Mini Milk Chocolate Chips, 8.7 oz
    Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins, 10.1 oz
    Milk Chocolate Mini Peanut Butter Cups, 8.7 oz
    Reese’s Pieces®,11.25 oz
    Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips, 9.45 oz

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    Canned candy???? That's a new one on me.....
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      I say go right ahead and buy it! Not for satisfaction now, but for a little morale boost when you may need it the most.

      Trust me, speaking from experience...when you are in a horrible situation (like a post-SHTF type scenario), the smallest little "luxury" of normal life will be so incredibly significant that it could boost your mood for a whole day. That candy may very well be what buoys your family's spirits when they need it the most.

      For me it was the discovery of an orange drink mix packet in an MRE when I was in a really bad survival situation while serving in the Army. You have no idea how that sugary fake orange taste made me feel and how it helped me get through a couple days of misery.


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        MREDepot is awesome.Try the dehydrated hash browns.We bought a bag to add to our preps,tried some ,now we eat 'em every weekend at breakfast,so much that we have to order another bag!!!


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          Yeah! Get it and eat all the chocolate stuff cuz you know.......if it got hot, it'd just get all blehhhh. Save the gummys and gum and stuff for SHTF. ;)
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            No pop rocks???

            I'm stashing cocoa to make pan brownies and hot cocoa, etc. You can 'bake' on top of a woodstove, in a metal baking pan with a bigger one inverted over the top of it. It needs to sit flush, so that the heat is caught up under the top of the inverted pan.
            I'm working on an 'on top' woodstove baking setup. It might not be candy bars, but sweets and luxuries are very imporant. Brownies, cookies, flat cakes, even pancakes are luxuries when TSHTF...
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