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    I have the bottom one. My son in law made it for me.
    That is a great site. I like the things they sell on that site.
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      I am feeling better about my kit. I have everything that has been mentioned. I use a Coughlan's tripod. Not as sturdy as Grizzlyette's iron, but it works. The box is about 18" x 18" x 2; so folds up pretty flat. Easy to pack.

      Coghlan's Tri-Pod Grill
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        Originally posted by Loshali View Post
        A good portion of this list isnt a life or death necessity, (that frying pan makes a great head banger!!) but it sure would make life a little easier when you are without power or very restricted power/water limits:

        Old fashioned egg beater
        Hand whisk
        nut chopper
        garlic press
        metal or glass bowls (easier to clean than plastic)
        iron skillets (cooking on open fire)
        dutch oven
        turkey baster
        sharp knives and whetstone
        wooden bread bowl or tray
        How about kitchen scissors?