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    I have the bottom one. My son in law made it for me.
    That is a great site. I like the things they sell on that site.
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      I am feeling better about my kit. I have everything that has been mentioned. I use a Coughlan's tripod. Not as sturdy as Grizzlyette's iron, but it works. The box is about 18" x 18" x 2; so folds up pretty flat. Easy to pack.

      Coghlan's Tri-Pod Grill
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        Originally posted by Loshali View Post
        A good portion of this list isnt a life or death necessity, (that frying pan makes a great head banger!!) but it sure would make life a little easier when you are without power or very restricted power/water limits:

        Old fashioned egg beater
        Hand whisk
        nut chopper
        garlic press
        metal or glass bowls (easier to clean than plastic)
        iron skillets (cooking on open fire)
        dutch oven
        turkey baster
        sharp knives and whetstone
        wooden bread bowl or tray
        How about kitchen scissors?


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          hand operated slicer and a dicer.percolator
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            veggie pealer
            silicon spatulas - last forever and gets your bowl squeaky clean
            Nice long handle spatula/ meat fork like for a grill, maybe longer for over fire

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              The first thing to buy? For non-moving location weight is not important so here goes:

              large pot 10-20 quarts to boil water
              1-2 large cast iron fry pans
              5-10 quart dutch oven with flat top and legs.
              1 12 cup coffee pot
              1 30 cup coffee pot for boiling water
              2 large metal spoons for mixing and cooking
              1 egg beater
              1 large metal/plastic strainer
              1 outdoor stove with a lot of fuel
              1 large butcher knife (8")
              1 paring knife (5-6")
              1 set metal bowls various sizes

              This is what I have put aside for hurricanes. Power outages happen and last from 5 days to months/years.

              If you are on the move take 1 large spoon, 1 paring knife, large fry pan/or dutch oven, metal bowls. Keep it light if you have to carry it.


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                Not exactly 'prepping', but memories of camping and self-catering holidays that did not go to plan...

                Those 'dogleg' 'will cut felt etc' utility scissors beloved of nurses etc are really, really handy. Their crinkly blades will 'grab' slick stuff off which even a good knife may scarily skid. Like shrink-wrapped bacon or smoked fish. Having a few spare scissors also allows for mishaps and trading. If possible have a range of handle colours, so you can rank them by sharpness etc.

                Can opener.
                Trying to get into a can that's lost its ring-pull or winder is non-trivial. The whatsit on a multi-tool may do nicely for popping the 'crown' top off a beer bottle, but is no substitute for a proper 'winder'. Crude 'army' rippers are more likely to open the First Aid kit than the can...

                A caution: get a winder that will NOT unscrew handle if wound anticlockwise to clear a snag or used by a lefty. Else the faint 'plop' as nut and/or bolt vanishes into the night may long linger in your memory...

                Another thought...
                Some 'crown' poppers also do for safely puncturing cans, eg evap/condensed milk or tomato soup. Some just cannot hack it, bend like hot-dogs, 'nanas or cheap ice-cream scoops...

                As with the scissors, having some spare winders and openers allows for mishaps and trading...



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                  list of 10 essential kitchen items for any survivalis from my side
                  • Matches
                  • Hand Utensils
                  • Gas Stove
                  • Good knives
                  • Hand Utensils
                  • Cast Iron/Stainless Steel Cookware
                  • Hand Grain Mill
                  • Roasting Pans
                  • Colanders
                  • Spatulas


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                    For brewing, glass carboys- not plastic.



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                      I don't use a percolator, but I do have a coffee pot. Aluminum. I make cowboy coffee, and it's not bad. I have made it for friends who are real coffee drinkers, and I get a thumbs up. Makes things a little easier
                      The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

                      Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.