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How to get water from a drilled well when the power is off

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  • How to get water from a drilled well when the power is off

    I came across this the other day.I am going to get or make one.

    Remington 700 7MM ultra Mag
    Remington 1187 12Ga
    Remington 700 50cal black powder
    Winchester 190 22lg
    Sprinfeild XD 40
    Glock 22
    Kimber eclipse 45

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    countryside magazine is a great resource.

    make sure you take pictures if you make one!
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      How about just a reaaaaaally loooooong straw?
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        Solar Pump

        The new solar well pumps that are out are the best ever made. I have installed quite a few of them and you can do about anything you need with them. Research Grundfos Sqflex pumps, they are not cheap but they are the best.
        Watch this!!