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    Often places to get water are limited. Only having a straw type device prevents you from collecting and carrying water while you continue on your way. The Sawyer Mini can connect to common water bottles allowing you to collect and carry water for your entire group.
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      Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
      The Sawyer Mini can filter down to .01 micron. It uses new 21st century tech to accomplish this. The old original filters that cost us $390.00 for the individual unit to well over $1200 for the group unit.

      They can filter down to no more then .2 micron well over 10x less filtering then the mini that cost less then $50.00!

      So the mini can filter 10x the level of the old filter systems, cost for a movie, soda, and pop corn. And can do so for 1000's of gallons of water.
      HERE is a link about particle sizes.. Helpful in determining just how efficient a filter needs to be. The important point is determining if the very small virus particles(<0.05 microns) are human pathogens AND waterborne versus airborne

      For the $$ and capacity, I prefer the Sawyer.
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        I was looking at both for my BOB and I ended up going with the Sawyer mini due to how much more water it filters and I believe it filters to a little higher level. I see Minis for $20 all over though some will try to hit you for 25-30. I liked that i can screw it on to about any water bottle.

        I haven't had a chance to use it yet but plan to soon.
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