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  • Desalinatiion?


    Been around awhile, mostly reading and learning. I have a question about desalination. I live near the ocean and have not read anything about cheap equipment or ways to make saline water drinkable ? Any ideas or thoughts. Thanks in advance
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    Don't know a whole lot about the technology. I do know that fresh water can almost always be found if you dig on the otherside depression (Low point) of the first dune or about 100' from the beach. It's natures natural desalination method. :)

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      There is a number of portable units that turns salt water into fresh water. All are part of equipment for large boats. Currently several makers sells their portable units: hand pump, giving about 9 quarts of water daily, and cost just over $2,300.00. Check with ( online. They had them the last time I visited my local West Marine store.

      I would rather find a local source of water like a well or spring. We here in Florida have a lot of fresh water springs, many located on public land.


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        I also don't know much about desalination technology, but perhaps a solar still might be the way to go. There are several cheap, easily constructed ones demonstrated on Utube as well as some for sale.

        I do not know if this would be a viable method of producing enough safe (drinking) water from sea water for everyday use but it might suffice for a short term situation. Of course if it is overcast your production goes down.