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Making Bleach from Pool Shock

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  • Making Bleach from Pool Shock

    Making Bleach from Pool Shock
    Aka Calcium Hypochlorite

    Skyowls wife discussed this but the site she referred to is for sale and cannot be accessed! So I thought I would put the actual formula on our site.

    I have been able to find the math that determines the ratio of water to calcium hypochlorite of whatever percent you have to work with. Here is the basic formula.

    Weight of water X parts per million you want in your solution
    1,000,000 X percent of calcium hypochlorite you have in decimal form

    Okay, water weighs 8.3454 pounds per gallon or 133.5264 ounces per gallon or 3785.4118 grams per gallon

    each cup of water weighs .5216 pounds or 8.3454 ounces or 236.5882 grams

    Parts per million are found like this:
    Whatever percent solution you want you multiply by 10,000 (1% of a million) so
    For a 6% solution of BLEACH you multiply 10,000 X 6 = 60,000;
    For an 8.5% solution of BLEACH you multiply 8.5 X 10,000 = 85,000;
    For a 10% solution of BLEACH you multiply 10,000 X 10 = 100,000 and so on.

    Now for the bottom half of the formula:
    if you have 68% calcium hypochlorite pool shock so you multiply 1,000,000 X .68 = 680,000
    If you have 73% calcium hypochlorite pool shock you multiply 1,000,000 X .73 = 730,000 and so on.

    So here is the formula with the numbers plugged in using 3 quarts and 1 cup of water (13 cups) and 68% calcium hypochlorite. I’m using ounces instead of grams because the numbers are smaller and instead of pounds because that is a tad more accurate.

    108.4902 oz X 100,000 =
    1,000,000 X .68

    10,849,020 = 15.9544 oz

    Close enough to use a one pound bag.

    I hope this make sense to everyone.

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    We need a common sense approach like

    To 1 gallon of water you add (____) teaspoons of 68% or 73% super shock

    powder to make it into a 10% bleach solution by volume.

    Any more then 10% will eat at the surface you are cleaning. That includes skin and hair!


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      I was going for the 1 lb bag to be used all at once!

      I understand your request and frustration. Different brand's granular size may vary enough that a teaspoon could vary quite a bit in the % of chlorine winds up in the bleach. However they all may be close enough to measure that way. I just don't know how to figure that out!

      I have seen posts on other sites where they say add a teaspoon of pool shock to a certain amount of water but that is to purify the water so you can drink it. I can't figure that out either!

      I have a cheap plastic kitchen scale that cost about $5 about 10 years ago that I use for stuff like this where weight is used instead of volume.

      If it is any help 1 pound of 68% pool shock added to 2 gal and 1 cup of water will make a 6% bleach solution.

      The whole pound of 68% pool shock added to 1 gal will make a 8.5% bleach solution.

      Please, can anyone help RICHFL out? I would like to know as well


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        I know to disinfect water to drink, you use 16 drops of 6% bleach per gallon. You have to let it sit for an hour before you can use it. It will not kill off any chemicals, radiation, or some Viruses.

        But to make a cleaning solution of 10% bleach for 1 gallon

        Now that is what people want to know.


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          I am not sure of this either, but will try pulling my resources together to see if I can find out how to measure in an easier way.


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            quote from RICHFL:

            But to make a cleaning solution of 10% bleach for 1 gallon

            Now that is what people want to know.

            You are right RICHFL, no one needs a 10% (chlorine) bleach solution unless it is to dissuade an attacker and/or maim one.

            I'm still trying to find a volume to volume formula for ease of use.

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              I'm working on it. Got a couple of leads from a chemical company and USACHPPM.


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                Got this from Backdoor survival. one tablespoon per gallon of water. It states to put the pool shock into the water and not the other way around to help prevent splashing.


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                  Applejack, thank you for this reference. I looked up and read her blog about pool shock bleach and she apparently has had as many headaches about getting a dry measure as I have had. I'm currently sewing costumes for a high school play and won't have time to investigate until after Thanksgiving unless the little people come out of the woodwork and sew for me when I'm asleep. Then I will do some testing with the pool shock and test strips I have on hand. Sounds good but my math says to use a bit more. Will let you know when I get it figured out for myself.