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Any Deer Hunters?

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  • Any Deer Hunters?

    I hated to post this under Food, but I just realized that there is no Hunting section. (Can we add one?) Deer are food, so what the heck. (That was a big stetch for me posting this)

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    Shoot the loser......
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      FOOD?...yeah your'e in the right place.I hunt, I kill ,I don't eat the horns!!!
      I get at least 4 for the freezer/jar each year.My family loves it.I'd rather have it than just about anything...besides trout and thats another story.


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        Hunt? There are some that don't? We put 5 in the freezer this season. Usually try to work up at least 7. I was real busy this year at work and didn't get my quota. Youngest son did most of the harvesting this year along with geese, ducks, and you name it.

        We lease a large tract of land near Hickory Tavern, SC and spend a lot of time in the SC mountains (mostly my son).


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          I live up in Maine so we can only get 1 deer per year unless you get drawn for a bonous permit,:mad: then you get 2. The only way to get more deer is to do the expanded archery season at an extra cost. So long of a short story for me this year 0 deer. I did not get drawn for a doe permit and all I saw this season were does:(. Oh did I tell you that in maine other then the archery season you have to get drawn for a doe permit to take a doe. I hunt the archery, rifle and black powder season. I would eat venison year round if I could. Here is hoping that maybe a deer or moose will loose a game of chicken with a truck as I am on the road kill call list.:D


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            My wife and I both hunt. In SC we can take 10 deer each. The gun season runs from Oct. 11 thru Jan 1st. We can each purchase 4 doe tags, however we have 11 either sex days. We usually get a couple of doe tags anyway so we don't have to worry about either sex days.

            My wife has been hunting with me for over 12 years now and likes to head shoot her deer. We can kill more deer than we can use and have offered to kill and take to the processor if someone wants one. Everyone says they want a deer but then they don't want to pay to have it processed. We quit offering.

            We no longer skin and dress our deer ourselves. We can get it skined and hung for $10.00
            If need be we can still do it oursevles but this is easier.

            They will hang it for 5 to 7 days and then debone it. We then cut it up for jerky, roast, steaks and grind our own hamburger.
            You can't get here from there. ;)


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              It's alot easier to skin one after 5 or 6 days(hanging)and your meat will be 10 time more tender...I like it rare anyhow..