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  • Seeds

    This is a cool product. Does the price seem fair? LaRue is a great company to deal with for gun parts.

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    For being packed in a can, it is priced average. For the amount of seeds you get, a complete rip off. My advise, buy seeds of plants you like, keep them cool and dry, and they will keep for years.
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      storing seed

      Being sealed is good. The seeds will keep for a long time that way. Percent of Germination diminish as the years go by, but being sealed will increase the rate that will successfully germinate.

      The one problem with the can, once you open the can to get, one pack or two out, the rest of the seeds are no better off than if you were to buy fresh seed from the local hardware/home improvement store, or seed catalog.

      For $50, I can get a whole lot more seed, more variety and specific types that fit my growing area.

      From that list of seed, you will have to "open" the can at some point, early to start things such as tomatoes. And then keep the rest sealed as best you can until you start something else. Some plants need to be started indoors, while other seeds can be planted into the ground.

      If you want something sealed, buy individual packs of what you want, put in a seal-a-meal bag and suck out the air. Or put the seed packs in a mason jar and screw down a sealed lid. Seeds stored that way will last for years, and too, you only open the jar(s) of what you want, when its time to plant.

      my .02


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        Sounds like a con.I'd never spend $50 on a can of seeds.