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Pine trees

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  • Pine trees

    Not my idea of a tasty meal, but in an emergency situation...

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    Pine needles contain 5 times the vitamin C found in lemons.

    Think of it as a herbal tea. A handful of pine needles, or 1/4 cup fresh
    chopped needles steeped in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes provide 100% of
    the U.S.R.D.A. of vitamin C. Pine soup (or tea) tastes like the pine forest
    smells, or add a squeeze of lemon and a little honey to liven it up a bit.


    Don't make the mistake of trying to eat the dead outer layer of the pine tree
    bark. It is the moist white living inner bark (cambrium layer) we are after.
    The cambrium is located just underneath the dead outer layer and it is here
    where the tree`s girth growth occurs. The best way to get a supply is to peel
    off some large chunks of bark, being careful not to girdle the tree lest you
    destroy it, the carefully fillet the moist layer of cambrium clinging to the
    inside of that. You can prepare it immediately or dry it for later use. If
    dried, be sure to soak a couple of hours before cooking.

    Boil for a half hour, or until the water turns red from resins. Change water
    and boil a second time for a half hour. Change water and boil a third time
    for a half hour. On the last boiling, the bark will be fairly tender and the
    water will only be light pink. The "bark" will have a color like fresh ham,
    with a texture exactly like cooked turkey breast. The bark has no particular
    flavor at all, which makes it an excellent meat substitute with the proper
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      Let's not forget the pine nuts that come out of the cones when the cones are heated. Pine nuts are delicious.

      And to think...dumb schmucks pay $20 bucks a head at Romano's Macaroni Grill for the privilege of eating pine nuts on their pasta when a knowledgeable outdoors devotee can eat them for free.

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