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IV supplies

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  • IV supplies

    I would really like to have some IV supplies. Anyone know where they can be legally obtained, sans prescription?
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    yea ya need to do some research on here but there is a thread with a site that sells all that stuff
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      You can also check out local medical supply houses.


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        Do you have any training in the proper use of IV solutions? Without the proper training and knowledge you can cause a lot of problems like air embolism, infection, fluid overload just to name a few.
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          I have proper training. I am a field paramedic. I start and maintain IVs on a daily basis in less-than-ideal conditions. I know I could get this stuff from work, but I am looking for a Legal source of supplies. I will continue looking!
          "The enemy's gate is down."


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            Hey brother, there are only a very few cases that you may have to actually start a line in survival or tactical med. In Wilderness Medicine, it's more appropriate to make every effort to get that patient to rehydrate orally if they can keep it down. If your not going to push meds, RSI a patient, try to reverse some septicemia, or are dealing with a hyperglycemic patient, you really don't need a line. IV's have very little bearing on a patient that is suffering an isolated external bleed from a gun are knife wound. That they are pivotal is an unfortunate fallacy pushed by instructors that have no idea what they are teaching.