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Any topic's ?

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  • Any topic's ?

    Are their any Pre-Hospital medical topic's anyone wants to discuss ? Exchange info on ?

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    I'm stocking betadine since I don't have easy access to antibiotics. Anyone gets even a scratch, and they'll get sluiced.
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      Betadine is good, it's what I use to initially clean wounds when it's available. Remember, open containers of betadine can still become contaminated over time. The bacteria is called "Erwinia" that grows in Betadine........The following information is just what I "heard". I "heard" of an experienced remote medic that was kind of in the same spot as you. He didn't know any Doc's that would give him scripts for antibiotics. He ended up just getting and using successfully vet antibiotics. I believe the company he used was called "Fish Flex". They sell the same anibiotics that doctors prescribe for humans at really, really, reduced prices. This dude even took some of these himself several times and now stocks his personal Med Bag with these.......That's just what I "HEARD".......BTW, thank you for replying, I thought I was alone in here. If you have any questions just ask. BTW, this is just hypothetical internet info. Any time your sick, you should go get checked out by your doctor.
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        So it would be better to buy - or subdivide into - smaller bottles of betadine?

        Fish Flex, huh? Will check them out - for my animals, of course.
        "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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          so far i have alcohol betadine hydro peroxide gauze super glue over the counter meds from stomache aches to head aches as well as goodies gloves compression wraps water packs and space blankets what else should i put in this
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            I've got H2O2, alcohol, cold remedies, vitamin D, benadryl, vitamin C, some salves. Lots of ibuprophin.

            Looks like I need to lay it out and come up with a list to stock properly.

            Headed to work, talk to you later! Appreciate your input.
            "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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              The SO's wife wrote: "Anyone gets even a scratch, and they'll get sluiced."

              Blew coffee out of my nose on that one! That's too funny!:D:D:D
              The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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                That's hard on the sinuses, love!
                "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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                  That sounds good, to get some small containers and divide up your betadine so that you would only have to open 1 container per-wound. I see some of your lists and pre-collapse, I would stock up on over the counter meds and BLS or "Basic Life Support" supplies. In other words, bandage materials and aspirin, motrin, alleve, pepto, loperamide, tums, rehydration salts, childrens tylenol and motrin, cough drops, robitussin, hydrogen peroxide, betadine, benadryl.......................I'd stock up on a load'a OTC meds and store them away in a nice tight, rubbermaid container. Then I'd stock up on gauze, ace wraps, trauma dressings, tape, some sterile water, saline, Boost Drink, topical creams, anti-fungal sprays, feminie hygiene products....................basically everything you can think of. Every time I went to the store now to do my normal food shop for the week I'd grab some of the above to stock up on................more later.


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                    ok I M that's great stay away from boost unless you are going to rotate every few months i would recomend powderd proteins then vacum seal it in to smaller bags that way you get the neccesary nutrition u need be wary of your dates but u allso should get scissors compression wraps hemo's tweezers magnifying glass a small powerfull magnet for metal extraction as well as a few pair of differnt strength prescription glasses rubber tubing saline geez the list goes on
                    the pack that plays together stays together


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                      If you are looking for medical stuff to prep check out my post Looking for anti-biotic alternative? it is all about fish and other vet meds used for human beings. Be aware though I would not suggest buying tetracycline since it turns into a deadly poison after 2 or three years. I also supply links to various vet meds most importantly the fish-mox(amoxycillin) a botlle of 100 tablets that were 500mg each for $40. I personally know people that have used these tablets and have used them myself.

                      Also check this site out. hopefully you won't need what this site sells, i.e. sutures and suture needles. These are sealed in airtight packages and you can get one that are still in date as well as ones that are out of date.


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                        Originally posted by Skyowl's Wife View Post
                        . . . . Lots of ibuprophin.
                        If it's just for you your family, OK. I wouldn't give it to someone if I didn't know their medical history, though. It's absolutely verboten for people with kidney problems. It can shut 'em down hard.

                        I have aspirin for myself, and for heart attack victims, but everybody else gets Acetaminophen, no matter what they say they've taken before. Acetaminophen is safer for more people than almost anything.



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                          I've been reading and researching colloidal silver you can go on youtube and find out how to make it or buy it it's an excellent antibiotic and doesn't mutate the infection or virus like regular antibiotics do and if ur in a bad situation it only takes a small amount of .999 or .9999 silver and a battery to make . matter of fact I'm going to make some shortly,just got my .999 silver maple leafs they are smaller than a dime and will last for years for making colloidal silver .this can be used as a wash for cuts put on burns and even ingested for internal infections like colds, sinus , or anything u'd use antibiotics for .It's so good before they knew how to cure vd they used to put it in babys eyes that were born to women who had vd., so they wouldn't go blind, something to research