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To Pay or not to Pay? That is the question...

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  • To Pay or not to Pay? That is the question...

    Ok guys... Since we have a quite a collection of first aid / EMT knowledge here, I thought I might get your guys' opinion.

    I've taken CPR for adult/child/infant and it expired. I'm thinking of taking the American Red Cross online hybrid CPR+First Aid+AED Adult/Child/Infant to renew and expand my knowledge in the upcoming months.

    My question though, is about EMT training. I've been considering taking an EMT course over the summer. The problem is that it is pretty expensive (I'm poor) and I'm not sure that I'll have time to work as an EMT so in reality, it might be more of a "for my edification" class. If that is the case, do you think I can borrow an EMT friends course book and learn the training myself? Or would it really just be best to take the course and pay for it.

    Like I said, I'm not really rich ;) and in reality, it is more just for my knowledge. But I definitely DO want to be able to apply the concepts and feel confident doing so.

    Opinions? Ideas?

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    My Opinion...just for your knowledge and you don't have the funds...your buddies emt book will provide you with some beneficial knowledge. If you want to be a credentialed emt, there are ways around paying for the emt course. Here in NC, if you are a member of a fire department or rescue squad, volunteer or paid, your course registration is waived. Depending upon where you take the class, it costs about $150.00 around these parts. If time is a factor, you can find a hybrid class, mostly on-line with a few skills days at the community college or fire department.
    In my opinion, $150.00 will be money well spent when considering the skills you get to leave with. If civilization as we know it no longer existed, an emt with some good skills would be a valuable asset and highly regarded. cprdummy


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      Wow. $150 is great value. I just checked with my old Community College and they put it as 9 credit class and for 9 credits with colorado assistance for students, it comes to $868.20 :-X

      Comparatively, it's priced extremely higher than NC. Don't know why. I'll look around for any other places but $870 is pretty hard on the wallet ya know? We will see...


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        I'd definitely second the idea of joining your local fire department. Not only will they pay for any and all training you're willing to undergo (not just medical but anything even remotely fire related-rappelling, horseback riding, jumping out of helicopers/fixed wing...), you also meet some really nice people (most of whom will probably have similar survival mindsets) and you'll be issued some really handy gear.


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          As one that has actually taken an EMT class, I say take it. You really do get alot of hands on that you could never get from the book alone. I took it back in '92 but still feel confident in my ability to treat a sucking chest wound (as one example) - and have caught myself many times teaching my kids some of the tidbits I learned.


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            I agree about getting the hands on experience and also about joining a local fire dept. The only issue is that with college, I don't know that I would have enough time to go to fire academy and later volunteer the required time. So when push comes to shove, I might just pay for it myself and then later volunteer with the fire department without having to sign-up for 2 years. My friend is on the Fire Station I'd be interested in so I'll have to talk to him.

            In the end, I really want to take the class so either way, I'll figure something out.