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First Aid Kit -- gimme your top 5

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    large triangular wrap
    tape (duct tape or heavy medical tape)
    hemcon bandages Hemcon
    pain relief (aspiran, tylenol, ect)
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      I just reviewed this thread. NO one mentioned "DUCK TAPE"!

      Watch Myth Busters this month, you will see them survive on an inland with nothing but duck tape for use. The made a shelter, rope, weapons, clothing just from using local resources and duck tape! Even made a watercraft to get away from the island in the end.


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        1. Quick clot
        2. Trama bandage,Israeli type
        3. Vet wrap/webril
        4. Tourniquet
        5. Sam splint


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          5 most used items?
          Gauze wrap, neosporin, tylenol/motrin, needle and thread

          5 items you would throw in your BOB if you were in a big hurry?
          Quick clot, Gauze wrap, duct tape, peroxide, needle and thread

          5 items you consider the most crucial, even if you might never use them?
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            I saw that. They had i think ten cases of dt they made everything including a boat.A lot of ideas for dt.


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              All great lists. You can make a case for every one. It's hard to add anything new.

              My five would be: Bandages; Hydrogen Peroxide; Aspirin; Tape (white athletic or duct); Super Glue.
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                Hard to answer because of what the booboo kit vs. FAK answer up thread gets at--there's the everyday needs, then there's the GSW/mauled by a bear/happened on a hwy accident needs.

                But also, what about the SHTF+2 or 3 wks, when people have used the water in their toilets and water heaters and gotten a bit sloppy with sanitation and dysentery and bad food and such start to rear their ugly head(s).

                Even if you're in a safe location, you'll probably encounter folks who're are suffering from such and need to prevent spread of whatever they've got and, hopefully, help them through as much as possible.

                And there's different needs for winter vs. summer (at least, here in Michigan).

                And are you thinking of stabilizing and transporting to a facility or that you're fully on your own, long-term?

                And with particular medical situations in a family/group, there's be further specialized items to add to the top 5--or if there are kids or not.

                BUT that said, I'd go with general categories of:
                • (clean) bandaging material
                • disinfectant/first aid ointment
                • pain relief/fever reducer
                • duct tape of first aid tape--can improvise a lot of things with that and other items: splints, blister care, etc.
                  last place is a tie: either a first aid guide or oral rehydration salts
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