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First Aid Kit -- gimme your top 5

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    I couldnt list only 5 items.
    We keep tons of bandages, New Skin, tape, antibiotic ointments and such, benedryl,
    ibuprophin, fem products, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol wipes, Mr has a military kit with quickclot and turniquet (sp) and all that jazz..we have so many little kits made up for hiking and EDC. I would like to work more on a specific kit to have put away, instead of a bunch of little ones.. good thread!
    Ive been looking into a good suture kit..
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      BooBoo kit:

      F/A Kit
      4x4 gauze
      ace bandage
      sterile water


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        After being an EMT for 30 years, my needs are few:

        - Multi-trauma dressings - big, bulky and can hold a LOT of blood
        - 4X4's - the Swiss Army Knife of dressings
        - Several rolls of Coban or Vet Wrap
        - Several triangular bandages - cloth type please
        - A roll of duct tape for everything else!
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          check out this link,Risk taker medical for a good kit and training


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            5 best items to have in your bob.
            Well after some thought.

            1. Duck Tape 2"-100' cover cuts and wounds, immobilize extremities, so many other uses in survival
            2. Hydrogen Peroxide to clean out wounds and cuts
            3. Bandages to cover major wounds and cuts
            4. Aspirin to reduce fever from infections and pain
            5. Military Surgical Kit used to probe major wounds and suture them closed


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              Originally posted by mikehemi View Post
              In a perfectly Ideal situation, my top five would be;
              1)syringes with vials of antibiotics (very worth while and could very easily be used to barter if need be)
              2)of course clotting material
              3)suture kit (could also use needles for fishing hooks)
              4)duct tape high speed type (better at holding much sticker)
              5)lastly probably a type of alcohol for numbing and topical cleaning of wounds
              I agree with 1,2,&3 I keep all of them in my trauma pack. For # 4 however it would be bandage material. And #5 would be pain killers of some type


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                1. Israeli 6" combat bandage
                2. 2-pack Halo/SAM/Asherman chest seal
                3. Large trauma bandage
                4. Combat tourniquet
                5. Large triangle bandage
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                  1.Quick clot dressing
                  2. super glue
                  3. excedrine
                  4. band aids multi pack
                  5. first aid ointment


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                    Quick clot
                    Super glue
                    Duct tape
                    roll gauze
                    safety pins


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                      Six not five:

                      A syringe for irrigation
                      Duct tape
                      OTC pain med


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                        Had a situation last year where I could have used a trauma kit. traffic accident. In the end both guys died.

                        1. latex gloves
                        2. Blood clogging spray or powder for open wounds Yes they make it for use in a spray can now!!
                        3. military type dressings
                        4. ab pads 12" x 30"
                        5. gauze 4" x 100'

                        In other words a complete trauma kit

                        Remember this you can bleed out in under a minute; but can live for over 5 minutes by not breathing

                        Step one: Check for major bleeding
                        a. Stop it asap!
                        b. Use direct pressure while wrapping with dressings

                        Step two: Check for breathing/pulse
                        a. Use watch and count number for 10 sec. then x 6 will give you beats per minute.
                        b. Use CPR if necessary 15 pumps on chest to 2 breaths in Adult

                        Step Three: Treat for shock (The big killer of them all)
                        a. If possible raise feet above head (No head wounds)
                        b. Keep still and warm
                        c. Clear liquids only

                        Step Four: Treat for additional problems,
                        a. Look for additional wounds, broken bones, concussion, etc.
                        b. Treat until help arrives or transport is ready to go
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                          1) CAT tournaquet
                          2) SAM split
                          3) 4 inch bandage, gauze roll
                          4) HEMP-CON Bandage
                          5) 5 Oxycodone pills left over from my shoulder surgery


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                            Tape "lots of tape" Butter fly bandaids. White vinagar for disinfecting
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                              the top lifesavers
                              compression dressing
                              duct tape
                              chest decompression needle or pen
                              epi pen
                              items will keep you from leaking,airway open and heart beating
                              not comfort items but critical to staying
                              see what the men who live and die in the field carry
                              any suggestions or mods would be greatly appreciated


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                                what type of antibiotics and pain meds