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Medical Deficency....

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  • Medical Deficency....

    A little background on me...I have been prepping for about 3 years now. I have joined with a like-minded group. All in we are 10 adults with 7 kids to prepare for. 4 of us adult are Marines and two of the others are gun nuts, so Tactically we are a sound group. We have more guns than we could carry, and plenty of ammo. We have gathered funds and we make group purchases, and individually we work on food stores. Having a full basement, a lot of the stores are stored in my house. So we have Security and food stored up (never enough of course:() but what do you about medical? I mean there is Medcorp but knowing how is one thing, but where do you get the Medicines themselves? Where is the survival website that lists like minded Doctors in your area so you can get him or her in your group? Our retreat is sound, our security is sound, Food is a work in progress but manageable, but what about the simple things? One of the guys in our group got an infection in his intestines, and was doubled over in pain....went to the doctor and got an antibiotic and he felt better after a day. I have a book that talks about herbs for medicines, but I want a Doctor/Nurse Practitioner. Has anyone done any dealing with purchasing drugs from Canada?

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    Wow, that's a lot of info to dissemble...there are numerous wild herbs one can harvest which have antibiotic'd be better served in your preps to acquire an exhaustive knowledge or at least a good guide for these. Ordering drugs from unknowns leaves the risk of contaminants, bait-and-switch tactics and just plain ol' heartache.

    5 most widely available natural ABs:

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      also you should have someone in your group that knows CPR, if not you can take a course through the red cross. Learn how to put in stitches and things like this that will help when there is no doctor around. We have loads of stri stips, but sometimes stiches are needed. and everyone should be able to take blood pressure and have at least 2 blood pressure kits in there prep.


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        You want to know about pain relievers and antibiotics right well without a doctor to prescribe it for you you have only 2 options.

        1. Use a pet/fish store has the same antibiotics to use on fish that you can use on yourself. It's the same stuff. You just need to know how much to give, and if you will have a reaction to the medication, so you can find alternate type of product that does the same thing.

        2. Go natural - Herbs are more a preventative type, then reaction to someone coming down sick. They do have many items that are natural pain killers, and health improvements products. Look on line or visit a herbal shop.