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    Originally posted by Big_Saw View Post
    Here's a good one from the "Old School"........

    Pour black pepper on a bleeding wound (not a veinal one, just lacerations...duh) to constrict blood flow.....hurts like a bitch, but works in a pinch.....
    Black pepper will also seal a small leak in your Truck or cars radiator
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      Myakka62 - I did not know that about the stomach. Very interesting. I probably don't lounge like a lion; more like a Grizzly Bear, but lounge I do. I don't have stomach trouble, but walking is certainly a good idea.
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        To draw the core out of a boil. Warm milk on a chunk of bread. Put over the boil and then cover with some sort of bandage. It will draw the center out of the boil within 24 hours and help the area to heal.


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          I have also heard that raw potatoe over a boil and then cover will also draw out the infection from a boil.


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            In a pinch, if you get Poison Oak, spray carburetor cleaner or break cleaner on the rashy area. Clears up in days.


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              good post. The reaction you are having to poison oak is due to the OILS from the plant, so makes sense to get rid of the oil asap and then wait for the irritation to subside.
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