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Home remedies for poison ivy

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  • Home remedies for poison ivy

    Rubarb it is found in your local gardens. just rub it on the poison ivy 2-3 times daily (it realy takes the itch away) in a couple of days it is gone. just break open the stem rub it on for instant releif ,and very safe.

    I was told to use honeysuckle leaves as a cure for poison ivy. I was skeptical and I have only been suffering from the itch for a few days. I have tried Tecnu Cala-gel and hylands poison ivy pills and benadryll(generic)pills at night. I've used ivarest and benadryl anti-itch cream. All have worked for a little, while I got the best to be the benadryl anti-itch cream. I still was itching so I came home today and mixed me up a batch of honeysuckle leaves. Honeysuckle recipe for poison ivy cure: about 3 cups of honeysuckle leaves 1 cup of water Put in blender and puree, strain leaves with cheese cloth and save the juice. Apply the juice liberally. This has relieved the itch immensely. I can also feel the skin drying up. I hope to wake up with the rash gone. I already notice a reduction in the rash and the itch has ceased.Try it. It is working so far.

    One thing many folks mentioned here was that one should shower or bathe with "soap". NO! Soap is only marginally effective at solubilizing cresols [actives in PI]. Use some "high end" dish detergent designed to go after oils and greases, like Dawn here in the US. Joy would work, too.
    Poison Ivy keeps its poison in an oil base that is active in all seasons, dead plant or living, and on any surface touched by the oil. Use detergent to release the oil from clothing, tools and you.
    The best way to rid yourself of the oil that causes poison ivy rashes is to scrub the exposed area with Palm Olive or other detergents. I am extremely allergic and am exposed to poison ivy throughout the summer. Palm Olive keeps me sane.
    As many other people have I suffer from what many people call the devil plants at least two times a summer and sometimes during the other seasons. as a matter of fact I have poison oak right now. I have very sensitive skin so the use of creams, oatmeal baths, and other type remedies have only made the problem worse. my cousin told about a soap that is usually used for laundry, woodwork, and other cleaning jobs. the soap is called octagon, it is a product of the colgate palmolive company. the soap can be found in the laundry detergent aisle in some stores but most do not carry it. It is drying up my poison oak quite quickly and i hope it can help someone else. if you have a hard time finding it you can email me at [email protected] or call the colgate palmolive company in nyc. i don't know if i can post the store's name without permission so email me and i will tell you where to find it. it is a very cheap remedy. i paid .69 cents.
    G.I.H.S.O. Going In Hot, Safety Off.

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    Another natural remedy is jewel weed. Grows alot around here and the juice from the stem is good for poison ivy, oak, and other rashes.


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      Mix Dawn dish washing liquid with mineral spirits/paint thinner about half and half. Wash the affected area liberally as soon as you know you have poison ivy on you.

      It is the only thing that works for me. I am not usually affected by PI. The worst I ever got was when I chain sawed through a four inch vine. The spray from the saw penetrated the skin on more than half my arm. I washed with my mixture and only had a small red spot the next day.