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Controlling Life Threatening Bleeding

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  • Controlling Life Threatening Bleeding

    CELOX is a new granular hemostatic agent that controls life-threatening bleeding fast.

    CELOX is safe for both the victim and the caregiver, simple to use - no training required - and can be used for bleeding injuries in extreme low temperatures and will even clot Heparinized blood. In addition, CELOX saves lives without generating heat!

    Best of all, CELOX can be used as an immediate response for all bleeding - even high pressure, high volume bleeding from major arteries - which saves time, eliminates decision-making and reduces blood loss.
    what is celox?

    CELOX is a granular hemostat powder intended for emergency use as an external temporary traumatic wound treatment. Pouring CELOX into the wound prevents blood loss and achieves hemolysis by coagulation. It reduces blood loss dramatically and significantly increases survivability involving catastrophic bleeding wounds. CELOX forms a gel-like mass over the clot.

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    From training experience only, I've always preferred working with Celox rather than QC.

    See my previous post here for some info on hemostatic agents:


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      flower works good too
      the pack that plays together stays together


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        I went and stocked up on QuickClot... should I be concerned then about the side effects? thoughts?


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          Maybe learn basic first aid and how to apply or improvise it regardless of the situation or environment. Things like direct pressure, elevation, pressure points, pressure dressings, tourniquets etc......

          All of the wonder dusts are great but it will always be the basics that you can rely on.

          IMHO, YMMV
          Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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            I agree with Mags, stick to the basics and you should be good for the most part. But it is always good to have this stuff around just in case. It will save lives if it is needed. Also QC has made some mods to there product so the temp issue is no more unless you using an older product or something.