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Basic Lesson Number 6 Pandemic (Lessons learned)

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  • Basic Lesson Number 6 Pandemic (Lessons learned)

    Even though we are still in the middle of the first wave, let's review what worked, changes to you plans, and what to do before the 2nd wave hits.

    if you had read the last 5 lessons and followed the guy list over the last 8 years you would need to update inventory and replace meds. Now I had to go back to the stores to replace meds and I added both toilet paper and canned goods. Now I have 6-12 months of canned goods dated for use by 2022.

    I Now have investment of over $5,000.00 so I up graded security around my house in Flori
    1. Rebuilt my front door. Now it's Guarrented to keep people out for 30 minutes.updated my weapons and ammo, plus new camera system including nite vision and ability to turn.

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    We have learned about unintended consequences. Safer at Home in crowded apartment bldg does not necessary apply.

    Safer at Home has resulted in increased domestic abuse AND child abuse.
    Safer at Home and closure of non essential businesses and facilities escalates depression-substance abuse-overdoses and suicide- massive unemployment and collapse of economy.

    Safer at Home gives petty officials the ability to use emergency powers to regulate everything from the number of people in a boat and what type of boat you can use to when and if you can open your business - you can only walk on the wet sand on the beach not the dry - protest against their edits are illegal with arrest-jail-fine if you don't follow those edits; and when people in mobs that riot - loot - commit arson they declare those are legal protests and freedom of speech must be upheld.**

    Emergency orders like quarantine if you have the virus or non essential travel only applies if you are not one of the elite.

    Many of the emergency orders have no basis in science (like stay indoors) .

    Actions to increase payments for unemployment gave some people more money that working did and resulted in many planning not to return to work until they have milked the system dry.

    Your cell phone can be tracked without a warrant on the whim of whoever the cell company is in bed with. (see report card on states effectiveness at keeping people at home and/or non essential travel)

    Being outdoors is good. Sunlight kills the virus.

    Stupidity is not limited to those not in power it permeates all levels.

    **See following Post.
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      Sickened by the video of the death of George Floyd I was not surprised by the outcry. For one moment everyone was outraged. Yet when protests started they were infiltrated by agitators, criminals and other assorted thugs who took advantage to loot - deface -assault and kill. These people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law - just as the men in the video of George Floyd should.
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