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    I don't keep honey in my kits either. I do keep bees though. Usually six hives, currently starting over with three nucs and one hive going into winter, so I hope to have up to six full hives by midsummer 2018.



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      I carry a trauma IFAK in my vehicles (had a few injuries over the years) but if I'm out or in the woods I carry a Trauma Pak as a minimum. I've been shot (didn't care for the experiences) and after using quick clot at other accident sites, I carry it because it is a lifesaver. I wouldn't recommend it for post SHTF care though as it has to be removed from the wound by a DR.
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        Originally posted by Cedar View Post
        It is called "vet bond". It is a purple coloured glue. I used it on myself at work when a cat flayed me open one day. In hindsight, I may have preferred to have bled out. It burns! Bad! But Google "vet bond" and you can probably buy it from Lewis or Davis vet supplies. Cedar
        I will second that it burns... the other year I stupidly stuck about an inch of my Kershaw into my forearm and whew did it bleed. Got it slowed but knew it'd need stitches. so Wife drove me to the emergi-care place and after they got it cleaned up and bleeding stopped Dr said it'd need 3 or 4 stitches. I was like what about gluing it? I told her that's what I was going to do at home, to which i got some scolding. She said sure it was clean cut and could do that. So she had me hold the area sort of puckered up and she squirted on the old Derma-bond, probably a spot about the size of a quarter to half dollar. Now she did warn me right before that it would burn for a minute. well she didn't disappoint, jumping jahosa fat it was hot! Kinda like a hot poker laid on your arm. Considering crazy glue is an exothermic reaction I guess it makes sense made sense. Once it cured after about 3 minutes the burning reduced a lot, and after about 15 forgot about it. About 3 or so weeks later the glue came loose but didn't just fall off. It had all the hair firmly glued in. So I then used the same knife I'd stabbed myself with to slide under the glue and cut as much of the hair as possible. It was a joy yanking that off also, think bandaid time 10 becuase it yanks the hair out, it doesn't just pull some of it. Looked liked I'd waxed a spot on my arm but under it all I had was a neat red line. Now as I write this I was trying to find the spot and it took a few minutes looking as the scar it left was a very minimal.
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