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    While cleaning out the attic and think goodness that job is done. I found two 4 legged canes, two neck braces, (these are 2 different types) 2 C-pap machines, and an over the door neck tenstion for stretching the neck. Forgot about these things. All still work and in very good cond. Found knee braces and a box full of stuff like that. These have all been put in shed in box toward my first aid gear. Now I can find them and get to them as I need to. Maybe my grandchildren did me a favor when they went into attic to find stuff they needed. Attic is now empty. Best move I ever made was to buy that shed.

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    Very nice AJ. Perhaps you could even use the med supplies to barter with?

    My new place has an attic and a shed. The attic has a really nice ladder running upstairs and is actually standing room! Still, we don't plan on using it much. Well...

    One of the kids has got his heart set on living up there! Haha We'll see.

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      It is always a nice find when you clean an area, and run across things you completely forgot you had. I like to think it is St Anthony rewarding us for doing the good deed of cleaning. Keep all of those medical supplies. That is why we prep. YOU NEVER KNOW. Last Summer my wife broke her hip. Had a complete replacement. We used all kinds of things we never used before. Fortunately, we inherited a substantial amount (of supplies) from her parents; walkers, wheel chairs; porta-potties, crutches. We used everything, and didn't have to buy new. After three or four months of rehab we thanked our lucky stars we had them.
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        I can say one thing. Some of the things that was in attic had been up there for at least 25 to 30 years. I was suprised that any of it was still good. But had been packed in plastic containers for all that time. My attic is now empty and is all organized in shed. So much easier to get to things and to find things. All containers are marked with some containers having things in it that I don't want found at this time. so marked with baby clothes, or different from what is really in boxes.