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Good article on "expiration" dates of meds

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  • Good article on "expiration" dates of meds

    I am not at all surprised.

    FWIW, when I worked for GNC, the official line on our supplements was, "we guarantee 90% potentcy for up to one year after the 'expiration' date."

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    Great article; thanks for the link.


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      Great article. I didn't think about putting meds in the fridge, I'll have to relocate mine.
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        Just like canned food and such, expiration dates mean very little if sealed, and stored properly. Stuff just doesnt, go " I reached my date, Im bad". :cool:
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          I've used narcotic tablets that were 8 years past expiration and there sure seemed to be no lose of potency.

          Proper storage is key, I don't keep mine stored in hot humid conditions. I keep them sealed in the bottles, then sealed in plastic airtight storage bins, like ammo cans.

          Some medicatations just aren't handed out freely, so keep them in case you need them. Others just won't be easy to get in a SHTF scenario but could save your life.
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            I am retired from the medical field. Dir. of Radiology. I am 67 and have several medical problems. Heart by pass, cervical spine and lumbar spine surgeries. I have to live with constant and cronic pain. Stomach problems.
            But to get to the point. If you have a good relation with your PCP (Dotcor), in a rural setting, they generally have a large stock of samples. My doc always gives me samples of anything I ask for. Don't be afraid to ask. I take several prescripton drugs. I ask the doc to prescribe the most that the Ins. Co. will allow. Example: The stomach med. that I take is for one a day. She prescribes that I take 2 a day. The cost is the same. Every month I get another month to put up. I have to take Hydrocodine. She prescribes the strongest and the most allowed. I have over a year supply saved up. My heart med., I take 50 mg. tabs, she prescribes 100 mg. I cut them in half and get a months supply to put up. Even the prescription drugs that I have to take I still ask for samples also. This lets me put back extra. She gives me sample antibotics, so I have a good supply of them on hand. Don't be afraid to talk to your doc and tell them what your are trying to do.


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              I take a few meds (ok a bunch of the damn things) and I was thinking of vacuum sealing an extra 90 day supply. I could over time accumulate about a 1 year supply.

              Notice of disclaimer: I'm not recommending anything to anyone, I'm not a Physician.

              If I run out completely, I found out that a tsp. of Cayenne Pepper (besides setting my ass on fire)will stop a heart attack faster that Nitro pills or spray. So that and Aspirin may keep me alive for a while longer anyway.

              I have pounds of Cayenne Pepper! :D

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