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  • Bulk Bandages

    For some wounds, large bandages may be necessary. Also, some wounds will require changing the dressing every so often. This could amount to needing large supplies of bandages which many people probably won't have.
    A solution is to go the the local thrift shop and find cheap used bedsheets. Preferably white.
    Take them home and cut them into strips of whatever sizes you think may be handy, from small to larger ones.
    Wash them in hot soapy water and bleach. Then wash them in hot soapy water and bleach again. Dry them on the hottest drier cycle. When they are dry, be sure that your hands are clean. Be careful to keep them from falling to the floor or otherwise getting dirty. Store them in zip loc bags, or preferably vacuum sealed bags.
    They may not be "hospital sterile", but they will be as clean as possible and you will have a large supply of bandages for not much money.

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    Very good post, but I woud recommend boiling your DIY bandages after a good mechanical washing, as opposed to soaping and bleaching - before storing them....
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      A bandage to consider...

      We use self adhesive sterile wraps for cow feet. The wraps are stretchy, individually wrapped, unaffected by water, breathable, and come in a variety of colors. Some cotton, clothe scraps or gauze pads to apply to the wound and you're all set. They are not a bad way to hold on a splint either! Most feed or farm stores should carry them. The only drawback is they are not reusable...


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        Don't forget to remind Listeners of Sanitary napkins as well. Good for a stitched up slash, cut or puncture wound. Sterile and wrapped. Stay away for scented brands.
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          The napkins are a great idea. Have plenty of them in our medical bag for just that purpose.