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Wasp and other stings

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    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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      Originally posted by CountryGuy View Post
      yep that's the same little bastards...
      Until I ran into that nest and got stung, I had never seen one before in my life.. The only other hornets we have here that I've seen are the long thin black ones, which seem like they're retarded.. the yellow jackets, which are very aggressive, and these big brown (mud wasp?) ones that don't seem to bother anyone.
      We also have a blue wasp but they don't seem to bother anyone either and I don't think they make community style nests.. they seem to be loners and are not at all aggressive.

      Now, after getting my rear end kicked by the bald faced hornets, they seem to have migrated into our area and I'm finding at least two or three nests every year..