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Basic lesson number 116 vehicle trauma backpack

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  • Basic lesson number 116 vehicle trauma backpack



    I got caught few years ago on the road with an accident happening right in front of me. A motorcycle hit a man on a bike going around 45 mph. I did not have a trauma kit or anything in the car to help either one of them. I called 911 and the police responded within 10 minutes. The man on the bike was DOS. (Dead On Scene). The other was DOA when he arrived at the ER. Could I have changed, their chance for life? I have wonder about it ever since.

    I sat down that night and decided to make up a back pack size trauma kit that could handle 4-10 people with injuries from a auto accident. My choice of a back pack was the ease of taking it with you even if the distance was over 1/4 mile away (Like down a hill).

    Instead of a store bought Military Surgical Kit, I purchased a medical tool kit (35 pieces) E-BAY

    As I made up the list, it just grew into a small hospital that you carry on your back. I have extensive training in emergency medical procedures from 20+ years in the military and 7+ as a Deputy Sheriff here in Fl.

    The photos show the kit I used last week. It does not have all the shelter and Camping items that I keep in the vehicle in a large plastic milk carton. Each photo will show (1) all the items in each pocket then a breakdown of items inside each baggy.

    Below is my list:


    (6) Packages of Military Pressure Bandages
    (5) Bleed Stop Bandages
    (4) Multi Trauma Dressing Kits
    (4) 4" Elastic Bandage
    (4) 4" x 4" Sterile Sponges
    (5) Bandage Gauze, 4''x 5yds
    (4) Eye Pads
    (4) 5" x 9" Abdominal Pads
    (6) Butterfly Strips
    (4) Plasti-Pore Tape Rolls
    (6) Triangular Bandage
    (?) Safety Pins Various sizes
    (6) Abdominal pads 5"x9" and 12"x30"
    (2) Burn Aid Kits
    (2) Benzalkonium Chloride Wipes
    (2) Triple Antibiotic Packages
    (4) First Aid Cream
    (2) Alcohol Clean Wipes
    (1) After Bite Wipes
    (1) 90% Alcohol - Pint
    (4) Packets Pain Relievers (Aspirin) and Tylenol)
    (4) Sam splints
    (2) Tourniquets F.A.S.T. AND Surgical Tubing
    (1) Expanded Field Emergency Surgical kit
    (2) CPR Kits
    (2) Irrigation Syringes
    (4) Instant Ice Packs
    (1) Box Ammonia Inhalants
    (50) Tongue Depressors


    (8) N-95 Hospital Mask
    (8) Pair Latex Gloves
    (1) 3 day Assault Ruck Sack/Back Pack
    (2) Portable stretcher
    (2) Tarps 8'x10'
    (1) 100 feet Para Cord
    (1) 7/8" x 150' climbing rope
    (3) 550 PARA CORD x 100'
    (1) Crow Bar 24"
    (1) Window breaker bar
    (1) EMT Scissors
    (1) Folding Knife 4"
    (1) Blood pressure kit
    (1) Stethoscope
    (3) Boxes Band aids sorted
    (2) Thermometers
    (1) Notepad and pen
    (2) flashlights
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    Excellent list and a good thing to be prepared for. The only addition I will make to my bag is a chest penetration kit to include HALO or Bolin chest seals and a tension pneumothorax needle. Can't wait to hear others ideas on this.



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      I'm still need to replace the SAM splints, battle dressings, duck tape and one FAST tourniquet. Also want to put some Pampers in it.


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        I know now that I forgot several things that I have packed in all the other Medical Back Packs but for some reason I do not have in this one.

        1. Sawyer mini water filter kit.

        2. I placed a 3 piece knife kit in each it has a fixed blade knife 4.5 inch blade, a folding blade knife, and a small flashlight all in Army Camo.

        3. I looked yesterday to buy pampers (newborn) but the price has gone up so high I will have to think about my options for a replacement battle dressing.


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          Since I first posted this I now have all my trauma kits in a 30 litter dark green backpack I got on E-Bay. This holds all the items and I was able to add 1 3 litter camel-bak water carrier.