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    Originally posted by SemperRogue View Post
    I think it was one of the NRA magazines that had the process of using used .22 shell, forming the latter into a .224 caliber 'shell' and pouring lead into the cavity.
    Had a link to a great YouTube video but I am too young yet to link it. Corbin sells the dies to swage 223 bullets from lead wire and 22LR brass. "www . corbins . com / prrfjm.htm" obviously a work around.
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      I have a friend in Atlanta area and he got the tooling to make 22 bullets from 22LR fired cases but he couldn't find enough cases. I was at the National Championships and got him about 20,000 empty cases and shipped them to him. Now he has something to do for years.
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        I disagree with one statement made in the initial thread that "you could use ammo as barter".

        If we were down to SHTF and using barter to procure items: Why oh why would you trade away ammo to someone who may/will use it on you?

        I would never trade ammo to anyone other then family. Enough said about that subject.


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          Originally posted by 101airborne View Post

          Sorry but I must disagree. Black powder is safe enough if handled properly. Gas is explosive if mishandled. Pyrodex and the like may have less "power" than cartrige powder. And BTW pyrodex IS different than black powder. It is far from wasteful as a matter of fact smaller caliber "blackpowder" weapons like the .32 caliber I own doesn't need much more powder than a modern .22 does. Plus I can and have killed small game with it at over 150 yards you couldn't do that with a pellet gun.

          Plus using your anology the same thing couls be said about ANY firearm. They all make noise,they all sometimes misfire if not propery maintained, they all corrode if not properly maintained especially using a lot of the cheap imported ammo.

          I'll keep my "smoke poles" thank you. I've had them for over 20 years, they work just fine, are easy to maintain, I can make my own powder, cast my own bullets in a pinch and I can melt down and reuse the shot multiple times if need be.
          nothing is corrosive about modern ammo. Modern guns offer rapidfire and can have a silencer. I"ll take a springbow over a muzzleloader, any day. Quiet, no smoke to obscure the target or mark my location, 4x as fast to reload and I can make more "ammo" easily. You aint got a suphur mine in your back yard, so, no, you can't make black powder. handling finished powder is NOT the same thing as granulating black powder in the first place. Static electricity is known to detonate black powder. BP is rated as an explosive, smokeless powder is much safer and is rated merely as a combustible.


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            Gunkid, you are incorrect! Black Powder is a 1.1D Explosive, Propellant is a 1.3C Explosive, depending on the Primer manufacturer they are 1.1B Explosive, Small Arms Ammunition is a 1.4S Explosive, Small Arms Ammunition with a tracer is generally 1.4C explosive. I did spend 35 years of my career, working as an Army Ammunition Technician/EOD and as a Civilian Explosives Technician for a Defense Research Facility while you were in jail.