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    Originally posted by Red View Post

    first thanks for sharing your knowledge. I'm starting out reloading and have been doing it successfully with my hetero life partner in .308 and .270. It's been loads of fun so far (pun, while not intended seems to fit... take it for what it is!) Anyway, I have lots and lots and lots of milsurp 7.62x51... I cleaned some up and inspected and I kind of like it... it good brass, I think it's heavier than some of the commercial ... but I broke the tip off of my primer remover (not sure of the technical term) and when reading up a little bit about it found that the milsurp stuff has crimped primers... I have a Dillon Super Swage on the way to me now. Can you give me some more info on reloading the military brass? Do I need to roll crimp the primers? is there special primers or some that work better than others? I have a lot of 5.56x45 brass now too and a lot of it is milsurp... I'm going to be relaoding that at some point as well... will the Super Swage accommodate those as well? Let me know what you think


    Rick in NH
    I load some milsurp stuff in 30 carbine. The suggestions I can make is decrimp those primer pockets. The pin you are talking about is called the decapping die.

    Generally the LC (Lake City) brass is heavier, and look at it close. Some may be military with the crimp, and some may be civilian without the crimp.

    I think the Super Swage was designed to remove the crimp, but if I recall, and it has been a long time since I hace seen one, they do not remove the spent primer. I just use a deburring tool to remove the crimp. Yeah, its the old school way of doing it, but it works for me.


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      Originally posted by snal View Post
      Wanna try reloading on the cheap? Complete Lee Anniversary kit for under $100 at most supply houses. (less dies). I bought one last month...haven't loaded the first shell yet though...still making my bench. Bought pistol caliber dies in carbide. My son inherited a Lymon single stage press years ago, so I"m stting that up too.
      All are fine presses. I use a Lee and an RCBS Rockchucker.


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        Originally posted by Rustyshakelford View Post
        M-1's spit brass everywhere.

        This is off the topic of reloading, but on the topic of M1 brass flinging.
        When I have mine clean and greased properly it seems every case drops nearly in the same place. Usually at one o'clock and about ten feet out. When it starts to vary from there I take some cotton swabs clean up the bolt slots and lightly regrease. However, I did find early on with my M1 that it needs grease... not oil, not CLP, it likes good grease. I found my M1As like this treatment too! I use grease on the bolt rollers and everything associated with the bolt moving back and forth and light CLP on other components. Has anyone else found this to be true?

        Rick in NH
        Well, I shoot the M1 Carbine. They sling brass everywhere.