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Reloading info

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  • Reloading info

    Been living in my new place for 6 months. I finally got enough space cleared out in my garage to set up a reloading area. I will be getting my press and stuff set up tomorrow and will try to do some small pictorials on reloading. If anyone is interested, let me know so I am not wasting my time.

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    Definitely interested, starting to start from scratch in the next coupla months.

    TEOTWAWKI happens to all of us everyday. Always be prepared!



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      Originally posted by smf1971

      I was looking at the pics you have of your K31. There is a target pic that you said was from 400yrds using hand loads.

      How about you share some load data info for the 7.5 x 55?
      You got it. As soon as I get all of my data unpacked, I will share it. However, every rifle is different. What works for my K-31, may be way off base for your K-31.


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        Originally posted by nitehawg View Post
        Definitely interested, starting to start from scratch in the next coupla months.
        Very cool!! What calibre are you starting with?


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          As promised, I will start my pictorial on reloading this evening. I am out of the oil patch for a few days, but will make this a multi part series due to my impatience. In the next few minutes I will start to describe, what I percieve as the "must haves" for the reloader. Bear with me, as I have a nasty stomach flu and have been self medicating on copious amouts of Jagermeister.


          This info is for informational purposes only. If you do what an anonomous person says on a chat board, and you blow your self to smitherines, you are a fool and need to seek psychiatric help ASAP.


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            The first and most important item is a reloading manual. I stress, this is a must. I have a Hornady manual, but any will do. The first 1/4 of the book will explain the loading process, and is a must before doing ANYTHING. PERIOD. Speer makes one, WInchester makes one, but I prefer the Hornady. Mine is an older manual, but the information is still good for the cartridges I load. I repaeat. Do not NOT start loading without a manual.


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              Item next is a press. I am an old fashioned kind of 40 something, so I prefer the RCBS rockchucker. I got this from my Dad many moons ago. There have been millions of rounds loaded through it, and it is as good (if not as clean) as it was from day one. The new one have a handle that is amidexdrious for you south paws. There are fancy ones on the market, and some simple ones on the market. I prefer simple. There are also the old timey Lee Handy loaders. I have a couple for "prep" purposes, but have never used mine. It is an antique collector item.

              It would work in a pinch if needed.

              And, yes, I know my stuff is dusty. I cannot explain the pure joy of living in a place where sand and dust storms are a weekly occurance. I even rented a storage facility where my stuff has been stored for the last few months. Dust proof my a$$.
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                The next item is a set of dies. Every caliber has its own set of dies. Rifle dies that are 30 caliber are not the same. a 30 carbine is not the same as a 30-30, or a 30-06 is not the same as a 308. All cartridges are different. I will go more into this on the next installment of my instructions. Lee Dies give you a set of shell holders. This is the small device that slips into your loader and holds the shell in place as you reload. Some say that lee dies are inferior to RCBS dies. I own both. I recommend you blowing the dust off your wallet and paying $30.00 and buying a set of shell holders.

                Here is a set of Lee Dies for my 7.5 x 55 Swiss. Dies are available for just about any caliber out there. And if you have an oddball (and I do mean oddball) you can have a set made from RCBS. Dies should run you under $25.00 used. If you are buying pistol calibres, I recommend "carbide" dies. More on that later.


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                  Next Item is a must. 1/10 of a grain of powder can cause you to blow yourself to New Jersey. And nobody wants to go to New Jersey. A scale is a must. I use an RCBS 10-10-10. New they are about $100.00. I bought mine at an auction for $18.00. New in the box. You must have this or you are a fool.

                  Remember, why buy new, when used will do?


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                    The next items are luxury items that just make reloading easier. Buy them at leisure.

                    THis is an auto primer. Makes life easy. Not sure what they sell for new, but I bought this used at an estate auction for $5.00.

                    This is a case lube pad, used for getting case lube onto your cases. Not necessarily needed, but really helpful.

                    These 2 tools are a funnel for dumping powder into your cases, and a "decrimping" tool. Military brass has a crimp around it that MUST be removed before replacing the primer. I put this as luxury item, because you will not need to load military brass, but often saves money.

                    The funnel is almost a needed item, but you can live without it if needed. It only costs $5.00 or less. I paid less then a dollar at an auction.

                    This is a fancy shell holder. My original was made with a piece of wood that I drilled holes in, but I got this at an estate for 25 cents. It helps out for holding your shells while reloading.

                    This is a case trimmer. Needed for long distance accuracy. I do not recommend this step for handgun rounds.

                    And last, but not least, this is a tumbler for cleaning your brass. I own 8 of these little beauts, including a HUGE commercial sized one. I used to sell reloading brass, so I needed them. There are ways of cleaning your brass other then this, but it is the best way I have found.


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                      Next time, when I get over my Jagermeister hangover, I will go over the componanents needed for reloading. Merry Christmas all.


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                        Good Job RS :D You can tell that equipment sees a lot of use. About got enough brass ready to go for a run myself:cool:


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                        beat you to death with it because it is empty.

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                          Originally posted by Zombie Axe View Post
                          Good Job RS :D You can tell that equipment sees a lot of use. About got enough brass ready to go for a run myself:cool:
                          Brass has never been short for me. I used to sell it for a living. I have a lifetime supply.


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                            Sorry folks. Flu still has me down. Been unable to eat anything for 4 days now, and it is starting to take it's toll on me. I will try to get the components up tomorrow. I will drink another shot of Jaegermeister and go to bed.


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                              feel better brother!
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