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223 Reload + Bulk Purchase + Worn Casings

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  • 223 Reload + Bulk Purchase + Worn Casings

    Just bought my first batch of 223 reloaded ammo. Two boxes. Bulk.
    223/55 Grain/FMJ

    Box 1
    Casings are shiny brass, golden yellow in appearance. Few small nicks/dings, but pretty good.

    Box 2
    Casings are tarnished. Worn in appearance. Also, the top half of the brass (nearest the round) looks like indication of heat build up (bluing, if that's a word - not an arms guy here).

    Question: Rounds advertised as "once-fired brass." Okay, box 1, probably. Box 2... not so sure. Question is, will box two be suitable for long term storage, or should I shoot up these rounds at the range? No chance for refund... bulks sold out hours after my purchase. Is there any danger (the blue color and older appearance just made me stop and think).


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    Depending on how hard that "bluing" goes down from the neck it is more than likely the annealing of the case neck to soften the brass around the neck to prevent tearing. Basically heating up the neck to correct color and tip it over into the pan of water the cases are standing up in.