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Reloading equipment brand

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  • Reloading equipment brand

    What do you guys think about this brand?
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    Dillon makes good reloaders, and if you need anything they will help you with it.
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      I love my square deal B. It is probably the best progressive reloader. Lee makes the worst. However Lee makes an excellent priming tool. Redding is top of the line. RCBS, Lyman, and Hornady are makers of good mid priced reloading equipment.
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        OK, a little history before we get to the point.

        I bought a Lee LOADMASTER (usually refered to as a LOADOFCRAP, a LOADOFSOMETHING, [unprintable], [banned in three states]) by every person who has used one. The guy from RIFLE MAG (Dave Schovil) has stated IN PRINT that he hears of working LMs but has never SEEN ONE himself. Like Big Foot, there are photos, foot prints, but NO BODY that anyone can actually see! I travel (or used to) a lot and would hear of a working LM and would ask to see it in person, but it was always "the kids are asleep", "the house is a mess", "loaned out", "packed away", etc., etc. I NEVER saw a working LM because they DO NOT EXIST! Jury still out on Big Foot. I bought the LM because I "couldn't afford" Dillon. The Lee LM was warped from improper heat treating at the factory (per factory letter), BUT...that DOES NOT MEAN they will repair or replace it under the worthless Lee 2 year warranty (since the warranty doesn't even make good toilet paper, it is TOTALLY worthless!). After screwing with the press for three days, I sent t back to Lee and demanded my money back under their "love it or return it" policy. OOPS! Too many LMs being returned (all of them!) so they changed the policy! Also sent letter saying press was warped at factory.

        Long story short(er) I returned the warped press to Lee 28 times in 24 months and they refused to repair or replace it. It often came back still locked up and with all broken parts intact. Called the service department and was lied to OVER AND OVER AND OVER (typical Lee service and quality). After returning it to Lee 28 times, it came back with a letter saying that NOW, out of the goodness of their little hearts, they would FINALLY (maybe) repair or replace it, IF I paid ANOTHER 50% of retail! Since all the pot metal Lee presses are total crap (yes, Dillon presses are aluminum framed. So what? A Yugo and a Rolls are both steel, it is QUALITY, NOT material that matters!), and yes, I have tried all the Lee pot metal presses, I can state that none of them are worth a second look, I have not tried the CLASSIC CAST presses, but if the Lee quality control for them is no better (reviews seem too good to be true and then you run accross one that they are typical Lee quality and service - ie; worthless) than the usual, then it is a crap shoot.

        Since I had spent two years and enough money to buy a NEW Dillon 550B and a couple sets of dies, I BOUGHT a Dillon! JOY! Best thing I ever did! Lee service? CRAP! Dillon service? GREAT!

        OK, I love SOME Lee equipment, the dies are normally VG (Dillons are GREAT! FORSTER are GREAT!), the old hand primer is great, the bullet molds are so-so, I've got a lot of defective ones, most are usuable, but not up to RCBS or Lyman standards, but 1/2 the price too.


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          I had LEE's for years and have sent them back for repair with no problems. They are not top of the line but are a good cheap re-loaders. I will say Dillon makes one of the best I've seen.
          "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
          -Ben Franklin


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            I have used RCBS dies and press for about 20 years. their no questions asked lifetime warranty sold me on their products. They will support it even if you purchased the item on ebay. always been there to answer questions and provide friendly support.


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              I have not had any issues with Lee dies and have maybe five sets. I especially like their universal decapping die. I also have maybe eight of their bullet sizers for cast bullets.
              I do not have any of their loading tools but would consider a small hand tool for certain applications.

              If I wasn't going to be loading much it would be a RCBS Junior I guess. I had one and let a friend have it.

              I rarely use expanders any more in my dies as I prefer to decap with the Lee Universal first then size and expand separately with custom expanders I make myself.

              I have four bullet pullers, all are RCBS and use collets. I would only buy a hammer type puller if it didn't cost over a buck.

              I also like RCBS single stage primer seater. I have two of them. I also have a RCBS semi auto primer seater that I use for pistol ammo but for rifle I want to be able to feel the primer touch bottom.

              My scales are PACT 120 Volt. Got a 9 volt back up. They have lifetime warranty and one has been back to factory twice in 10 years, repaired and returned quickly. I have a Lyman Ohaus M5??? as a back up.

              I do have two RCBS Rock Chuckers. I have about 30 sets of their dies.

              My main loading tool is a Hollywood Senior tool (out of production for 20 years) I like.

              My other dies are Hornaday, Hollywood, Lyman etc.

              My case trimmers are L.E. Wilson and I have a number of Wilson products as they are precise and extremely durable. L.E. Wilson requires a arbor press to load with and I have a Dake Y Model for this.
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                My first press was a RCBS Rock Chucker, which I still use. I bought a Dillion XL650 progressive press about 2 years ago. The auto casefeeder is a nice accessory to have. The XL650 is rated at 800 - 1000 rnds per hour. I load 700 rnds an hour with ease. Right now I load 9mm and 38spl. and the set up for 223 on the way. The Dillion XL650 is a very good progressive reloading press, in my opinion.


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                  The dillons are some of the best units out there. Biggest decision you'll have to make is what level you will want your system at. The high end progressives can crank out a huge amount of ammo, but they are more costly and tend to be dedicated to a specific caliber; you can change caliber setups but that can be costly. Very knowledgeable person that helped me really get up and running (for reloading) had a rough rule of thumb; if you are shooting less then 250 rounds of reloads in a week, you can get by with a single stage reloader. Over 250 and it starts getting more time efficient to have a progressive setup. I have a single stage and have rarely felt the need to go to a progressive loader. good luck
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